A fabulous bald woman who is all about earrings

* DISCLAIMER: I’m probably going to swear guys, fair warning :) I am a sad panda today.

This morning after a return call from my specialist I was frustrated to the point of almost having a cry, but you can’t do that at work right? So I didn’t. I did that stupid tip your head back so the tears go back in move that you know doesn’t work, but you do it anyways. I am on so many drugs for PCOS & Insulin resistance as well as other crap. Currently I am supposed to be taking the following: Metformin, I-Folate, Vitamin D, Eutroxsig, fish oil. I think that is it, but who knows these days. Now this post is not about the amount of money I spend on medication, it is not about timing my day around said medication… in the paraphrased words of Elle Woods, this is about something that is much more important… my hair!

The specialist prescribed me Eutroxsig in December, he never discussed any possible risks or side effects of the drug with me – which it seems is pretty par for the course these days. So I have been taking it since the end of December. Over the past month I have lost between 30 & 40% of my hair and it’s still falling guys. I used to do my bathroom floors once a week, but since my tiles now resemble shag pile carpet I am having to do it more often. It is bad guys. It was only that the Pharmacist discussed possible side effects of the drug with me that I twigged that it must be that. So I called my specialist and said I wanted to stop taking it, I was told that he felt it was a side effect of the condition and not the drug. I explained that I had had the same condition for many years and this had never happened before. I just got a call back this morning and was told that he still felt it wasn’t the drug, he has asked me to go and get my thyroid re-tested (YAY more money) to see if there is any change and then ask my GP for a referral to a hair loss specialist. A hair loss specialist? What the fuck?! Why do I need to go see yet another doctor for something that wasn’t a problem before I started taking what this guy told me to? Are they trying to send me to a hair loss clinic like Advance Hair or something? I don’t need Shane Warne’s buddies, I just need my hair back. So with this anger/frustration rolling around in my body I decided to put my Research Librarian skills to good use and look up the other possible side effects of the drug. Holy shit you guys, holy shit! There are 70 of them! Granted some are listed as really rare, but still, OMG! Then I realised that I have been having some of the side effects that are listed, I just didn’t pay attention or assumed they were linked to PCOS or IR. Here are some of the things that have been happening:

  • Extreme fatigue – I had fatigue already due to PCOS/IR, but over the past two months there are days where I feel capable of nothing.
  • Irritability – Only when I am awake. My patience has never been so low. I try very hard to not snap at people, very hard.
  • Sweating – Ha, sweating. That’s putting it mildly; I have been creating rivers that no person ever wants to visit.
  • Blurred or double vision – this isn’t too bad, but it does explain the random fits of blurriness I seem to get every now and then.
  • Headaches – yup they are pretty regular.
  • Crying – I feel like crying a lot. A real lot! And not just a delicate single tear rolling down my cheek, I am talking red faced ugly crying here people!
  • Hair loss – I feel like I have lost more hair than some people have. Thank god I had uber thick hair to start with or else by now I would be one of those fabulous bald women who is all about her earrings.
  • Feeling not well or unhappy (who writes this crap) – this is pretty regular. Over the past two months I am not able to deal with day to day things as easily and effortlessly as I used to. I thought it was my depression rearing its ugly head, which it could be – it certainly feels like the same thing. But it could be this too. I have also been rather paranoid lately, this can be a symptom of depression, but one of the other side effects is ‘Suspicion or distrust’. So who knows.
  • Rapidly changing moods – Oh. My. God. YES. All the time! I change moods quicker than I change radio stations when Bieber comes on! It’s bad guys, way worse than normal PMS.

Here’s one that P’d me off good…

  • Trouble getting pregnant – Uhhh excuse me? What did you say? My fertility specialist put me on medication whose side effects include ‘trouble getting pregnant’? What the fuck?!

Here’s a couple of the weirder side effects:

  • False or unusual sense of well-being – Umm… how would you know if it was false? The only way to test that would be to put yourself in a dangerous situation and see how you felt about it. Jump in a tank of hungry sharks with a bleeding finger and feel as though it is the same as enjoying your morning coffee? Well then… you might have a problem.
  • Feeling things are not real – Is this real life??

On top of all this we found out that the debilitating pain my Hubby is getting in his upper back is due to bone spurs growing inwards on his C6 & C7 vertebrae which are then affecting the nerve. Joy. So I don’t know whether the symptoms I have been having over the past couple of months are because of stress or the meds. I don’t know, but I do know I am over it. I have had enough. I just want to crawl into a little me cave for a while. I know I am not someone who usually feels sorry for herself, but right now I am facing a bald, childless existence and I am kinda pissed about it.

Absolutely pissed about it in fact. Side note: pretty sure this post demonstrates that I am not suffering from a ‘false or unusual sense of wellbeing’.

Gettin’ Figgy with it – Try something new

Remember my New Year’s resolution to try new things? Well I did :)

Some of you might find this surprising, but I have never tried a fig in my life… ever. Some ladies I worked with went on and on about how amazing they are and how easy they are to grow. Since I am currently trying to plan my own garden for when the house is finished I have been looking at a lot of different fruit trees (I like fruit and plants that provide food as well as look good). So I decided to try one and see if it was worth considering planting a tree and waiting 3 years for the first harvest :)

Full fig

The Sacrifice

So I acquired said fig. It was a little firm and my expert Googling has said they need to be kinda squishy to be fully ripe so I waited a couple of days.

So it came time to eat my fig. I then realised I had no idea what to do with a fig, did I eat it skin and all like an apple? Do I cut it open and just eat the innards like a passionfruit? Am I supposed to cook anything first? Back to ole reliable Google and I learnt some very interesting things about figs, turns out you can eat them whole, just the pulp and they can be cooked in things. I also kept coming across YouTube videos about people getting sore mouth and tongues from eating figs. Then I watched this guys video and it was very educational:

Fig in natural yoghurt

Fig in natural yoghurt

My Mum thought it was odd that I bought 1 fig and asked me what it was for. I explained that I had never tried one and it turns out she hadn’t either, so I roped her into the experiment :)

Two's company after all

Two’s company after all

So guess what?…. Turns out I like figs. I am not in love with them the way I love chocolate or anything, but I like them well enough. We could totally be friends :)

Pretty figgin good

Pretty figgin good

Stories from the shelves – Strange book titles

Sometimes you see a book title and you do a double take, no, you think to yourself, it couldn’t have said that. So you look again, you look at the spine, you take the book off the shelf and check the front cover and maybe even the title page to ensure that you are not hallucinating. Yup, that book exists and even better… it is available for loan at your place of work.

Yesterday I came across one of these gems. I was innocently tidying the shelves when it’s title jumped out and slapped me in the eyeballs.

Uhh... What?!

Uhh… What?!

I am not sure what disturbs me more; that my pee has a social life and apparently a lot of baggage it is bringing to our relationship or the fact that someone wrote an biography about its escapades.

What am I supposed to do when someone asks my pee for an autograph?

Umm just for the record (yes you can quote me), my pee does not get (or go) “everywhere”. Glad we cleared that up.

This discovery sent me down the rabbit hole of the web looking for the strangest and craziest book names. There are tonnes. Some are funny, some scary, some are disgusting. Here is a sample of what was found:

This was my personal favourite:

I don’t understand many things about the following book. But my question is… why is the hospital outside? And how does the dog know Jack and Jill?

I don’t understand many things about this book. But my biggest questions are… why is the hospital outside? And how does the dog know Jack and Jill?

“What shat that?: A pocketguide to Poop Identity”
“Am I ready for chest hair?” – I didn’t realise people got a choice in this
“Eating children: Population control and the food crisis”
“Eating people is wrong” – apparently Hannibal never got given this tome

I'm concerned that this book needed to be created

I’m concerned that this book needed to be created

“Everything I want to do is illegal”
“Zombie Racoons & Killer Bunnies” – They’re real ya’all… real as drop bears!
“The great Singapore penis panic: and the Future of American Mass Hysteria” – WTF? What does this title even mean? Is it about Singapore? Or America? Is this real life?
“Natural bust enlargement with total mind power: How to use the other 90% of your mind to increase the size of your breasts” – well that seems legit.

Then there is this jewel:

How and more importantly WHY is this a best selling book? I am not surprised it was recorded by the author... alone in a recording booth? Apparently he is into talking to himself so whatevs :)

How and more importantly WHY is this a best selling book? I am not surprised it was recorded by the author… alone in a recording booth? Apparently he is into talking to himself so whatevs :)


Have you got any interesting book titles? Which one of the above is your favourite?


Conferences, trains and vampirism

So I have just spent 2 days going to a conference in the city. The conference was great (I might talk about it a little more in another post), the train rides each morning were interesting.

The first day I watched amazed as a woman put on her liquid eyeliner on the train, other make up, sure no worries, but liquid eyeliner? I would blind myself in a heartbeat! Kudos to her though she put in on perfectly (from what I could glance) then promptly fell asleep on a canvas handbag. If I did that I would be blind and have black smudges up my cheek when I woke up. But no, she awoke with a little sleeping beauty-esque stretch and alighted from the train looking like a fierce goddess who really knows how to put on make up. Running though my head was the tune, “maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline” hahaha.

Then today I get on an “express” train to the city that decided to make its own agenda and stop at stations that weren’t advertised, for some reason it also decided to not display that it was stopping at the station I needed (luckily my panic was quickly abated when the guard made an announcement that did include my stop). Then I caught one of my cuticles on something invisible and ripped it, I would take a pic for you, but you would think I was flipping you off. So now I was on a confused, possible runaway train, in pain with my cuticle pumping out my life’s blood (exaggeration, but you know…) with no tissue in sight (I had to vampire it) wearing… a white blouse. I rarely wear white because you know, nephews and nieces… It gets ruined quickly so I had pretty much banished it from my wardrobe, but I like it and I loved this top so I thought it would be great for the conference. So there I am sucking on my finger which luckily wasn’t interpreted as a subtle flip off to other passengers trying to keep it from dripping on me so I don’t end up looking like Carrie at the prom. Then this lady sits next to me… No problem that’s what trains are for right? And I realise it’s raining… Not by looking out the window… Oh no. I chucked a Karen Smith… I knew it was already raining because said lady put her bag inbetween us… It was wet… So I went off to the conference with a wet arse and side plus a bleeding hand.

Wtf karma? What have I ever done to you?

52 Books in 52 Weeks – January

That’s right everyone, I am doing it again. Feel free to join me on this challenge. I am planning to read 52 books in 52 weeks. I will report back here on what I have read and will do my best to not have spoilers in my reviews so you can read them for yourselves. I am very open to suggestions as part of the reason I am doing this is so that I can try reading new and different things. Here is January’s list :) Happy reading.

1. Avenger’s Angel (The Lost Angels #1) – Heather Killough-Walden

Avenger's AngelRandomly picked this book up at work, I love birds particularly predatory birds and owls. Wings are an amazing and beautiful invention of nature. I think this is the reason I enjoy some Angel fiction. The cover I had did not look anything like this one though, I possibly would have passed it over if it looked like this which would have been a shame. All in all I enjoyed this book, I liked the plot. I liked that the angels all had vey differing personalities and that in falling to earth their physical bodies took on parts of who they were as angels. Very interesting idea. There were parts that kind of grated against my equality views. Suffice to say that Uriel is not a man I would be attracted to, Angel or not. He was just a character that deep down was very dominant, you’ll have to read it for yourselves to see if he grows out of that.

I am definitely interested in reading the second book (little spoiler) as there was a hint it might be somewhat based in Australia :) In all an interesting read, the plot was good and I was really taken in by the character of Samael who I believe is so much more than he seems.

Shout out to the Lilith character who was also great and I would love for her to be explored further. And who is this mysterious ‘Angel’ person? Hmm… Inquiring minds want to know :)

2. Blood Trinity (Belador series #1) – Sherrilyn Kenyon & Dianna Love

blood trinity This was my first experience with either of these writers and generally speaking I quite enjoyed it. My favourite character was Feenix, such a great character, even considering he was only it in for a few pages. I particularly liked seeing the female protagonist’s interactions with him, it showed a very different side of her that I felt was integral to understanding who she is. I wasn’t really into the female protagonist’s name. “Evalle”, I know it was explained that it is pronounced, “E-vahl”, but it certainly doesn’t help her case. To be honest I kind of expected her to go wayyyy dark side or something. I get that the girl/woman has trust issues due to a dodgy past, truly I get it, but I felt like we were told about her dodgy past sooo many times in the book. I get it okay, something really bad happened to her, I don’t need to hear why she doesn’t like to be touched over and over.

I have just realised I am bitching about this book a lot considering I liked it and actually tore through it in just over a day whilst putting in a full day at work and sleeping in between. I liked the fast pace of the book and as I was reading it I felt like it was packed full of action, not always fighting action, but man that girl is busy. I felt like I was riding along on this crazy, uncertain, perhaps death at the end of it ride and I kinda liked it. I really liked the character of Storm, I loved the scene where he revealed his big secret and I liked the characters of Quinn and Tzader. Don’t really get the character of Isakk… maybe that is explored in the next book.

What more can I say? I am a supernatural loving girl and this book gave me all I could want whilst avoiding the trend of the last several years of having vampire and lycanthrope characters… go team :)

3. Messenger’s Angel (The Lost Angels #2) – Heather Killough-Walden

Messenger's AngelYes I went back for book 2… honestly I am not at all sure how I felt about it. It was easy to read and get through. I didn’t really understand why the all powerful Archangels who know that the soul mates for whom they have been searching for 2000 years are coming out of the woodwork just go about everyday life instead of getting their asses in gear combing the globe. I mean, at least 2 of them can fly… surely between them they can cover some ground right? From what I can gather the two would never have met if not for the interfering of the “bad” guy Samael. He’s the most interesting character I believe, I am also interested to get inside the Angel of Death’s head so I will likely continue to read the series. I just, I don’t know, I didn’t really have much of a feeling for it either way. It was just there. I did like the descriptions of Scotland, probably because I have always wanted to go there. On to “Death’s Angel”…

4. Death’s Angel (The Lost Angels #3) – Heather Killough-Walden

Much better than no. 2 I must say. I liked that it wasn’t the same story again with the archess. I had started to feel like it was just going to be the same sort of this over and over again. I figured they would all go like this: She wants to resist him, but every fibre of her being wants him so bad… oops she gave in and they slept together and are now magically in love. – To be honest there is a fair amount of that going on, but I liked the addition of the extra characters. It gave it some depth, to be honest there are parts of the ending I didn’t see coming. Some might think part of the ending is trite, but I liked it because it wasn’t what I expected it to be. Nice change. Unfortunately it looks like ‘Warrior Angel’ has only been released in electronic book format so I don’t know if I will get to that one, it will depend on price etc. The love scenes in this series I am still finding really out there and strange, I pretty much skim over them until I see they are done. I guess some people are into that sort of thing, but it was not overly my style :)

5. Alterant (Belador series #2) – Sherrilyn Kenyon & Dianna Love

Did I mention in my review of book 1 how much I love the Gargoyle? He is just gorgeous and I love seeing the softer side of our hero. I really like the way Evalle is developed in this second book. In the first book she felt a little lost and there was a lot of repitition regarding her not wanting to be touched and why. In the second book you get more information about this and her feelings when she is touched are much better described – I love her fierceness, her steel backbone, her quick way of summing up a situation to make a decision as well as her complete confusion when it comes to all things to do with romantic relationships. I love Storm’s character, we should all be so lucky to have someone feel about us the way I think Storm feels about Evalle. There are a lot of characters going on here, but I never felt lost which was great. Tristan’s character is developing beautifully, I am really enjoying the fact that finding out information about him feels like pulling teeth, slow and suspenseful – please give me more about him! This book has pretty much every character a fantasy lover could want and the action is great for the bloodluster in me :) Often these books are good with character development and heavy on the lovestory, but light on the gore – snore :) Bring on the guts people. I tore through this book and can’t wait to get my hands on the next one.

Great first month of reading. Have any of you read these books? What were your thoughts?

Brand New Year – 2015

Happy New Year guys! I hope you have all had an amazing festive season filled with love, laughter and family time. I’m a little late on the celebratory statements I know, but at least I made it in before February came around hahaha.

I have been so super busy with starting my new job. There is so much to learn and to do, I was recommending changes within my first 4 days of the job. I have found myself in a busy, busy role with daily challenges and I am happy as a pig in mud :D The ladies I have working for me are great and so experienced, they are just so great at their roles and know the place inside and out.

So it looks like this year is going to be full on. Like I said last year I have generally moved away from the idea of “New Years resolutions”, but I like the idea of goals, because no one is perfect and there is always room for improvement and adventure (however small they may be). I also think that goals should be fun as well as challenging. Therefore I have spent some time thinking about the kinds of things I wish to accomplish this year, here is my list:

  • 52 Books in 52 Weeks – I definitely want to keep this going. I love reading and discovering new worlds and people through stories. Now I am working at a Public Library I have easy, daily access to a plethora of reading fodder :) Like I said guys… pig in mud. I would like to keep challenging myself by reading different things. I would like to try at least one Bibliography this year and a couple of Non-Fiction books. I still did not get to read the Hobbit :( It will happen, hopefully this year :)
  • Try something new – This was another challenge I took on last year in order to break myself out of the routine I was in and I really enjoyed it. Particularly in relation to expanding my knowledge of food and cooking… so much fun! I also did brave things like cut off my long hair which looked pretty good and I now keep it shoulder length :) For the most part trying new things was positive and I think that it was a great goal to set myself so I am going to keep it going for 2015. Trying new things in 2014 also made me better at my job. We had the comment from a lecturer that the Library classes on research strategies were boring so I completely changed them and used pop culture references to demonstrate search strategies and aspects of information literacy. It was so successful that I was invited to present at the Uni conference at the end of last year, it was the first conference I have attended and I presented at it, how awesome is that?! Trying new things can be amazing!
  • Health – I am not going to say I am going to lose ‘X’ amount of kilos. I’d like to lose a lot of kilos, but I know that is difficult because of my conditions and at the moment I am eating okay (most days), but I am not really exercising. With this new job I am often stuffed when I get home (plus having to cook dinner etc.) The second week of my new job I also got slapped with a stomache virus, couldn’t take time off… so I didn’t. Come last Saturday I went to bed early Friday night and slept for over 12 hours. I get that these are “excuses” in Personal Trainer terms, but I am working on it.
    I am going to commit to ensuring I am taking my medication. There are so many now that sometimes I lose track. So I am grandma-ing it and have bought myself a pill organiser. I plan to set it up every Sunday night so that my pills for the week are ready to go and all I have to do is take them :)

    I am also going to try and link ‘trying new things’ into this area. Trying to be active by trying new things or doing things I don’t normally, I think this will make it more interesting for me and therefore easier to accomplish. I will also use it to try new foods that are healthier for me. For instance I tried avacado some time ago (years) and I hated it, this year I am going to try it again.
  • House – We were supposed to have our new house completely finished by last year… yeah that didn’t happen. Thanks land development people. So my dream for this year is that we will be moving into our new home around my birthday :) Gotta dream big guys.
  • Baby – It’s about hope :) This year I have a new job, I am going to have a new house… these things come in 3’s right?! I want to wait a little while until I am settled in my new job before I get all gung ho about trying again. We are still doing the right things on the right days, but we are not measuring and medicating and temperaturing :) Come on baby… this has to be our year… we are waiting to love you :)

What goals have you set yourself? Do you have any suggestions for 52 Books in 52 Weeks? Or do you have a low GI recipe to recommend?

52 Books in 52 weeks – December

I didn’t quite get this post out before the end of 2014, but I did get it done. This post is going to be a little different. For my last post on 52 Books in 52 Weeks for 2014 I read a trilogy my mother recommended to me written by Nora Roberts. I haven’t really read Nora Roberts before and to be honest I had the impression that she was a romance novelist and I usually like my novels with some more meat than that. But… I was wrong.

Here is the list :)

Number Title Author
50 Blood Brothers (Sign of Seven trilogy #1) Roberts, Nora
51 The Hollow (Sign of Seven trilogy #2) Roberts, Nora
52 The Pagan Stone (Sign of Seven trilogy #3) Roberts, Nora

I am going to write about the trilogy as a whole. I probably should have written my thoughts about each of them down as I finished them, but by now you guys would know that when I get to reading a series I pretty much rip through it hahaha. This trilogy I finished in 3 days.

Sign of Seven trilogy – Nora Roberts

As I said before I resisted this trilogy at first, but my Mum has a lot of reading experience and has put me onto many great authors over the years and I trust her judgement so I decided to give it a go. As usual I will try to keep my review as free from spoilers as possible, but that is kind of hard.

Overall I really enjoyed this trilogy, I loved the mix of fantasy, thriller, romance etc. One thing I believe is that Nora Roberts is either an amazing researcher and should possibly have also been a librarian or she is just extremely knowledgeable about a tonne of topics. Generally speaking the trilogy was awesome. I loved the character of Cybil, she was my favourite – being a researcher are you really surprised I identified with the character of the same profession?

I actually really liked that the story initially starts with 3 male protagonists. It’s not often that seems to happen in books like this so it was nice to see. I loved the grandma character of Elsie, one weird thing I noticed was that in the first book she was 97 and in the second she was referred to as 93… apparently the Grandma is Benjamin Button… who knew? hahaha. Sorry for nitpicking, I can’t help it.

Whilst it was an easy read it dealt with some intense things at times. I kind of liked that it made me uncomfortable, most writers would stop before writing about taboos like rape (don’t worry this isn’t much of a spoiler). To me the fact that this writer didn’t shy away from writing about the kind of things that would in reality happen if the situation could happen in reality shows some balls. Kudos.

The only other thing that bothered me is the epilogue at the end of the series. I felt there either needed to be a second epilogue or that the first one should have been written differently. There were three things in particular I wanted to know about. If I write about what they are though it would be a HUGE plot spoiler so I seriously can’t.

All in all I would definitely recommend reading this series if you are into supernatural thrillers/romances. The details are great and the characters are well developed. Each of the 6 (yes, 6) main characters are well fleshed out and I like the details about their families and the town. All in all, good stuff and a great end to my 2015 52 Books in 52 Weeks. I am definitely considering repeating this challenge for 2015, I have found it very fulfilling and fun. I didn’t get to the Hobbit :( unfortunately it is still packed in boxes waiting to be moved to our new house which is not yet finished. But with my new job I will have access to a tonne of books this year, so if you have any suggestions please write them in the comments below.


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