Yes another stereotype – you must have heard this one right? I wonder where this initiated, if you know please do share it with me. As you can see from my profile I am currently working full time, studying at night, planning a wedding and numerous other responsibilities that are too tedious to bother listing hehehe, needless to say stress levels sometimes get pretty up there, particularly now around major assessment due date time, or as my fiancée calls it, “bye bye love time” as I crawl into a hole until the assessments are done. But this year I do not get that luxury as we are 9 weeks away from the wedding and everyone wants something from me.

I have to admit I have had what I would consider Bridezilla compulsions, I have wanted to chuck a tanty, I think I have chucked a couple – maybe even pretty decent ones, obviously they were all completely warranted though because there is no way my level-headed self would explode over something inane like having to glue thousands (okay hundreds) of pin-head sized diamantes onto blasted invitations is there?! Grrr damn little pin-head sized diamantes I hate you sooooo much!!!

It’s funny some girls I know talk about their dream weddings for years before they even meet a guy they would even consider marrying. I wasn’t like that, when we decided to get married and started talking about what we wanted I honestly wanted a really small personal ceremony on a beach (only because we both adore the beach) with immediate family and our two best friends and then to walk up the beach and have a BBQ. Somehow that went from under 30 people to just over 100, now I have a decent sized extended family so ok I could accept this, but then everything wasn’t good enough for someone. It didn’t matter that this is our wedding and not what we wanted and if we tried to stand up for ourselves then people started saying their side of the family wasn’t coming blah blah blah. Oh for heaven’s sake!!! We are not dramatic people, we do not like or enjoy drama, we wanted to elope, we said we were going to cancel the wedding – we were told we would be disowned if we dared elope (this was not from my father – I could have understood it from him as I am the only daughter and he would miss his opportunity to walk me down the aisle – no my parents said if we wanted to elope they would pay for it because it would make us happy. Cue the awwwwwws :D).

So whilst I have attempted some pretty darn good Bridezilla impressions over the past year, somehow people know it is not me and I do not mean my crazy threats. I find this completely unfair, the one time I wish to embrace a stereotype and my fellow man shuts me down… is this what irony feels like?

Where are we now? We are going along with whatever we are told, we both have personalities that are too laid back to keep stressing as bad as we have been. So we will do the little dance, make some little vows, and get wed that night like we are being told to… and then we are taking off to Vanuatu for the wedding WE want. Shh no one knows yet hehehe.


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