My pet peeves… there are a lot – consider yourself warned

SO… today is one of those days where things that usually only peeve you a little all happen at once and all of a sudden you can’t stand them and you can literally feel yourself filling with rage – seriously! I could actually feel it creeping up my neck! Panic set in because once it reaches your head you are full up and the excess has to go somewhere and you just know that one of two things are going to happen… you are going to scream bloody murder at someone or you are going to have that crazy ugly angry cry – if someone witnesses you doing the latter you have no respect points left whatsoever, you have been shamed and you need to move immediately. So I took a deep breath, thought about the fact that 2 months from today I will be flying to Vanuatu for a 2 week honeymoon (this is a HUGE deal as I am 28 and have not had a break from work for longer than 1 week since I was 18!!!), got a coffee (NO IT DOES NOT MAKE YOU MORE ON EDGE!!!!!) even hummed a couple of tunes of that hula song, but then realised that’s for Hawaii. Eventually I started to feel normal again and then as I sipped my coffee I started to ponder my pet peeves, do I really have that many? Hmm turns out I do, is it unusual to be annoyed by these things? Here are some of the things that peeve me… feel free to comment on or share yours – mainly because it will make me feel better for my psychotic episode this morning, but also because it will be fun!

Peeve list

  • Women that wear tank tops showing off underarm hair you could braid if the need somehow possessed you.
  • People who spit on the ground – seriously?! What is the need for that, life is not a game of football – keep it on the field.
  • People who scream obscenities at their children – this is just wrong, it makes me both angry and sad. The child of someone I know started talking a couple of months back… mumma, dada, nanna, mopmop (can’t say pop pop) but she can say shit and fuck!!! What the hell! What a fabulous thing to teach your child, very colourful vocabulary there, good job at giving them the best start to life possible.
  • People who abuse animals!!!!! There is no excuse! I have had many rescue dogs, cats, birds and guinea pigs in my life and someone treated each one of them badly. These people belong in jail!
  • People who park in the middle of two car spots – I don’t get it… are you blind and can’t see the lines? Do you not know how to park? Or do you just perceive that you are so important that you deserve two spots? How does this happen?
  • People that queue jump! Everyone else standing in line had to do their time waiting, so should you. You are not better than anyone else in this line!
  • Racism! It’s just not cool! I don’t get it and I don’t want to! This seems to be another case of someone thinking they are above someone else. This is amusing to me because in fact if you are racist I perceive you as being below everyone else that isn’t as you obviously have not evolved enough as a human being to see the beauty of a multicultural world.
  • People that cut in front of you in their cars so that your only choice is to hit them or slam on your brakes and hope you don’t hit them. It is your fault you are running late to whatever you’re on your way too, please don’t cause a fatality because of your mistake!
  • People who take off their shoes in a public place and have foot odour so bad that you gag!
  • People who hit parked cars and don’t leave a note!
  • Halitosis!
  • BO!
  • Talking with your mouth full! Oh god please, please don’t!
  • People that do not wear underwear, then wear attire that show this fact off – you are not a celebrity, no one is going to take a photo of it, please put it away!!!

Oh my god! I am stopping now, writing this list is just fuelling my rant! Must stop! Quick press publish!!!


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