Baby names

In the past friends have randomly hailed me a baby psychic due to my uncanny ability to guess when people close to me are pregnant before they have told anyone – and in a couple of cases before the person themselves knew. I also seem to have a pretty good hit rate on guessing the sex of the baby. I don’t know why… no I do not think I am psychic and no I will not be able to do it for you. It only works with people I am really close to, I just know! So weird, but anyway I digress…

Over the past year people have changed (or evolved) that opinion of me – they now think I am a stork or something. I think last year was just a huge baby year, but it seemed that a huge majority of the people I regularly spend time with fell pregnant. Out of 12 pregnancies only 1 was planned! And in 3 cases the fact they are pregnant is a miracle in itself, one has had 4 miscarriages – she is now 6 months pregnant, one has cystic fibrosis and was told she wouldn’t be able to have children – she is expecting a baby girl in a few months and the third my maid of honour who found out she was pregnant the morning of my wedding was told she would probably not be able to have children due to being very ill with Anorexia for years. She and her husband have now been married 5 years and they have never fallen pregnant. It does seem a little bit more than coincidence really, you might think 12 pregnancies out of all the friends and family I have might not be much… my hubby and I each had 4 attendants. 2 of his groomsmen’s wives popped not long before the wedding, one of my bridesmaids popped just 2 months before the wedding and another found out she was pregnant the day of the wedding (meanwhile if you count back – she got pregnant after my hens night haha). So half of our attendants had babies in the lead up to the wedding… my 2 brothers gf’s had babies and one is pregnant for the second time now too… crazy stuff.

So obviously I have been exposed to a lot of baby name talk… bit more than I can handle sometimes. My first nephew is named Hendrix (yes his father is a muso),



they are about to have another boy and want another music related name for him (well my brother does at least). So I tried to think of some not-to-freaky ones for them to consider… here’s what I came up with:

  • “Lyric” is kinda cool.
  • “Dorian” is a music node also known as Russian minor.
  • “Reed” like for a sax is cute, but would probably spell it “Reid”.
  • “Cash” like Johnny Cash – not the biggest fan of the name Cash though.
  • “Travis” as in Barker.
  • “Coda” could be another good one.
  • “Harper” is Harp player.
  • “Chord”.
  • “Halen” like Van Halen

Most recent discussions have hailed “Zakk” as in Wylde as the most popular on their current list. I love them and all, but why complicate things by messing with a name like “Zack”? I could take ‘Zac’ or even ‘Zak’ but why is there an extra ‘k’?

Zakk Wylde

Zakk Wylde

Some people are so cruel when they name their children, my Aunt’s partner for example is named Richard Edward Bloggs [surname changed for protection from embarrassment]. Therefore all his life he has been called, ‘Dick-Ed’, he is now 60… poor bloke… mean name award to his parents.

The worst I have EVER heard was from my friend at flight centre (she showed me proof so this is not a story) she had a lady come in to book a flight. Van asked for her name, the lady replied, “Ladasha”, Van questioned the spelling as she wrote, “so is that L-A-D-A…” the lady interrupted, “No, no, no La-Dash-A”. Van asked her to spell it for her, the lady replied, “L-A-DASH-A”, Van gave up and asked her to write her name down… her name was quite seriously and literally spelt “La-a”. Mean name award to her parents.

And don’t even get me started on the bloody celebrities naming their children, Apple, Astronaut, Blue, Sunday, what’s next? Banana?

Hi my name's Banana

Hi my name's Banana

I remember a friend telling me that her husband was rejected from filing their son’s birth papers, their name is Walker, they named their son Luke and the father decided to change the middle name to Skye between leaving his wife in the hospital and getting to Births, Deaths and Marriages. Apparently the lady looked at the sheet, looked at him and said, “your wife doesn’t know about this does she?” she shamed him into leaving! Good human award to her!!!

Rule of thumb people, if you would be embarrassed to have the name as an adult… don’t give to your children. Age old rule of think before you act!


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6 responses to “Baby names

  • SzaboInSlowMo

    I kind of like Halen. Then again, I’m a Van Halen fan, so I guess that’s why. Wasn’t it Matthew McCaughnahay (I know I ripped that last name apart) who named his son Miller Lite as the first and middle name? Or maybe he was talking about his brother. At the time, he threatened to name his son Bud Lite.

  • ditchthebun

    Yeah I like Halen too, I also like Haydn which is more classical music, but cool name all the same. But they already have 1 ‘H’ name in Hendrix so I don’t think they want another ‘H’ name.
    Ok did some “research” AKA Googling, his kids are: ‘Levi’ & ‘Vida’ not too bad in celebrity baby name world. You were right it was his bro ‘Miller Lyte’ he joked about calling a son ‘Bud’ 🙂
    Here are some good ones: Nicholas Cage named his kid Kal-el after superman! Paula Yates & Bob Geldof I think take the prize though with: Fifi Trixibelle, Peaches Honeyblossom & Little Pixie. Paula also has a kid with Michael Hutchence – Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily some people should just be banned from naming children!!!
    People make fun of Pink for naming their kid Willow… I actually think that is a rather lovely name and when you look at some of the crazy that other celebrities are thinking up it’s completely tame!

  • ditchthebun

    In case anyone was following this tale, bubs is born and healthy they named him Jackson Vai (pronounced V-eye)

  • Katie

    LOL, that tickled me about the dad changing the sons middle name on the way to the office. Only a dad would try that when his partner is still in hospital!!! I’ve heard the Ladasha one before and I agree, it is cruel. However I do like Harper and Sunday because they’re old school names. I’d shorten Sunday to “Sonny” though. I think sometimes the spellings are the worst thing about names and parents trying to be original but their child will be forever correcting people.

    • ditchthebun

      I am definitely a fan of Harper too. The spellings kill me sometimes, they say they want their child to have a unique name which is fine, but by spelling it strangely all you are doing is cursing them to a lifetime of correcting people.
      Thanks for all the commenting and liking love you have spread around my blog 🙂

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