Failing to prepare is preparation for failure

I love this piece! To me a technology plan is a vital part of the strategic plan not a separate document/project that we hope to find some spare funds for at some point (because seriously where are there ever spare funds in a Library!). In general I have to say that the organisations I have worked in that have a technology plan and treat it as an organisational goal seem to have a higher profile and are generally perceived as more successful – I am judging success by the provision of quality relevant services to clients, the quantity of use of the Library in general and the way it is perceived by clients.
This piece was really well written and hit the nail on the head!

Musings of an MILS student

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ~Benjamin Franklin

WebJunction’s Technology Planning site recommends that all libraries create a technology plan as part of the strategic planning process to ensure the library’s ability to effectively meet technology needs of both patrons and staff alike.  Some libraries are required to keep a technology plan to meet requirements for E-rate program, a service that provides discounted broadband Internet connections in low income communities, whereas some libraries keep a technology plan for their benefit alone, while others have no technology plan at all.  Personally, I feel that it is wise to play it safe rather than to be sorry later; keeping a technology plan can help to identify troubled areas, provide justification of services by highlighting strong technology aspects and help plan for overall future growth and development.

In 2002, Robert Dugan wrote that technology plans should be given the importance of other plans produced by libraries, such as collection development…

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