I’m a Librarian… get me out of here!

Let me preface this post by saying that I absolutely love being a Librarian, I love it! It is important that you know this before reading this piece because now I am going to have a little whine about just one small aspect of my job.

Originally from http://www.outblush.com/ I added text

Originally from http://www.outblush.com/ I added text

This post was inspired by The Daily Posts Daily Prompt – A Tale of Two Cities – we were asked if we could split our time evenly between two places only, where would they be. For some reason what immediately jumped into my head was what if I could be two places simultaneously?! That would be quite awesome and perhaps even have the ability to put one body in auto pilot whilst my consciousness is in the other one. Everyone I am sure thinks this from time to time for different reasons, but when it occurs for me it is very specific.

As I said before I love being a Librarian, but there is one aspect that is present in most Librarian jobs that I do not enjoy… the food battle.

What is the food battle? Well it kind of goes like this… Librarian roving the Library sees someone eating hot chips smothered in gravy. Librarian explains to said someone that they cannot consume hot food in the Library and asks them to please take the food outside. Said someone apologises and starts packing up, Librarian says thank you and moves on.

At this point I need to let you in on an apparently well-kept secret… Librarians are smart you guys!


But are you Librarian Smart?

Don’t remember where I got this pic, but I added the text. If you know please tell me so I can give cred.

We went to University for quite a few years in order to become experts in research, social media, promotion and marketing, development of programs on varying topics and many other things – we know our stuff and have an extremely broad knowledge. Many of us are also mothers and fathers so believe me when I tell you that we know that you just wait for us to get out of sight then start tucking back into your carbs.

We know.

So we have to do a loop and come back around and have another chat to you about the food – often you don’t answer us because you are trying to conceal the fact that there are fried goods currently in your mouth – we know this – in fact we waited until you put that forkful in before we confronted you so you couldn’t use the normal defence of, “it is there, but I am not eating it”.

I totally believe you!

I totally believe you!

Let me tell you something you probably don’t know…

When we have to repeatedly approach you to ask you not to eat hot food – especially when there is a sign on your table next to the hot food that states ‘No hot food’ – it kills us a little inside. It feels like we are babysitting unruly children for $4 an hour instead of an Information Professional who is qualified to do research in basically any field. There are Librarians working for most film companies and researchers work on many TV shows, who do you think gets your iTunes music into all those nice little categories and easily searchable? Librarians 🙂 We do a lot more than you think, a friend of mine works at a radio station as a researcher and researches news items on the fly and feeds through information to the on air team.

Did you know all of this?

Here’s something we don’t understand… we don’t understand why you do it? Why is it so important for you to sneak eat all your chicken nuggets, smell out the Library and make the Librarians feel like you have absolutely no respect or regard for them as human beings?


The thing that kills me the most is that we have to be polite to you while you are crapping all over us. Because that is who we are, we are professionals and you are our clients. Don’t you worry though, because even though you disrespect us on a daily basis it’s not like we will remember your face and we will certainly do absolutely everything in our power to help you when you don’t know how to find information for your assignment that you only have five hours to write because you spent all your research time smuggling McDonalds into the Library.

Sure buddy that's gonna happen

Yup, sure buddy, no problem. I’ll be right there to help you with that…

So here is my wish… I wish that everytime that tell-tale hot food odour started wafting about, my consciousness would transport to my other body and my autopilot would handle the humiliation so I would not have to be aware of it. Where would my other body be? Anywhere but here 🙂


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10 responses to “I’m a Librarian… get me out of here!

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  • Emily J.

    This is fascinating to hear the other side of it! I haven’t sneaked in hot food, but I do snack sometimes at my university library.

    • ditchthebun

      We allow drinks and cold food which I think is pretty good, but hot food not only brings in all kinds of pests, but it smells the place out 🙂 if our policy allowed food I wouldn’t worry about it, but all our clients know the rules. It’s more the lack of respect displayed by continuing to eat after they have been asked not too, that time spent on them could be spent helping another client with research. It sometimes feels like they are stealing time from other clients that need assistance if that makes sense.

  • Barb Best

    Great insights into human nature! “NO food in the library” works for me. Perhaps an outdoor cafe can be set up nearby for people to chow down before enjoying the library? I smell a policy change…

    • ditchthebun

      I think we all have one thing about our job that burns our britches haha. The funny thing is that there is a cafe right opposite the library so they get the food there and bring it in. There are chairs and tables inbetween and the wifi is accessible at both places, just a very strange thing.

  • ivyon

    You are tolerant 😀 Here, you would be politely asked to leave the library and finish eating, then come back. No food – warm or cold, is allowed

    • ditchthebun

      We are very polite in this Library 🙂 To be honest I think the clients here don’t really think much of the Librarians. Pretty sure they believe we just check in and check out books which is part of the reason I wrote the post. 🙂

      • ivyon

        On the other hand, Librarians in my country (exception excluded) have their noses so high in the sky, stuck up and look down on everyone… They do help out when asked, but for the rest they just look around in judgement. For e. they won’t let you use the computers or study in the reading room if you don’t have your card – even though you have come there like three previous days in a row -.-

        But I like libraries. I have even wrote about them in one of my post where I have joined Weekly Writing Challenge. 🙂 If you would like to read it, I’ll link it to you. So you’ll have a better idea of libraries here. 🙂

        • ditchthebun

          Wow that does sound different! Definitely send me the link because I would love to read more. Here we are extremely client focussed. In fact sometimes a friend of mine describes us as “Overly Attached Librarians” because sometimes we feel like the client is “done” with us, but we are still there saying, “you could also do this, and what about this? Also you could use this, this would be good!” hahaha.

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