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Bum vs. Bottom

So I picked my (almost 3 year old) nephew up from preschool the other day, this is not an overly often occurrence, but it is close to home and he loves when I do so sometimes I pick him up on the way home from work and let him once again show me everything about his school. This day I decided to do it because it had been a long ass day and I could really use some Hendrix sized hugs, turns out I picked the right day. I come in the door and hear him bellow out my name and see a streak of toddler as he comes tearing across the room and flings himself into my arms. After a freaking amaze balls hug I put him down and he pulls me over to the fish tank chattering on about the fish and the shark (toy) and the fish flowers (tank plants) etc.. Here’s the interesting thing about my nephew, he was slow to learn to talk, but now he loves talking to anyone who will listen… at home; apparently at school he doesn’t say much of anything and when he does he gives one word answers, it’s something we are working on at home and with the teachers and we think it is either a shy or confidence thing. Well… not this day… His teacher came up to me as he was dragging me around the room showing me different things and asked to speak to me. She said that Hendrix had spoken a whole sentence with her extremely clearly today, “that’s fantastic” I said, his teacher looked uncomfortable Teacher – “Um yes it is, and we are so glad that he is starting to feel comfortable talking around us here at school so we don’t want to discourage that, but the sentence he said wasn’t the best thing he could have chosen” uh-oh Me – “Oh, okay, what did he say?” Teacher – “We were sitting on the floor and I was playing with some coloured balls with him and I put one behind my back and said to him ‘where is the red ball?’ He pointed at my back and I brought it back out and said, ‘you’re right, here it is!’ He then put the green ball behind his back and I asked him where the green ball was and he pointed and said, ‘up Hendrix bum’, he then pulled it out from behind his back with a smile and exclaimed ‘here it is’”

Apparently green ball went caving

Apparently green ball went caving

Me – Simultaneously horrified and trying desperately not to laugh “Oh my god, I am so sorry I don’t know where he got that from” Teacher – “Look I think it was done really innocently, I don’t think he even meant it as rude because there was no cheekiness in it. The thing is that we don’t encourage the use of the word ‘bum’ at school anyway so…” Me – “I’ll talk to his parents” Out of the mouths of babes… Between my two brothers I have 2 nieces and 2 nephews, both parent pairs have brought them up referring to their bum as a bum rather than a bottom. I was always brought up to say bottom, but my Mum and Nan were all about the young lady manners. I do not feel that the word ‘Bum’ is rude and it is an acceptable term in Australia for bottom which is considered more English, where do you stand on the Bum vs. Bottom debate?

I have no problem with a good bum :)

I have no problem with a good bum 🙂

...but some just prefer Bottom Original pic from

…but some just prefer Bottom
Original pic from














Please also feel free to share when your tots mouths have landed you in hot or embarrassing water 🙂

Roaring laughter daily prompt


The Squirrel Effect

Remember how a few posts back I talked about my New Year’s Resolutions and one of them was about accepting home truths? Well here is another for the pile 🙂

It is what I call ‘The Squirrel Effect’. I am a pretty creative person, I love creating things, I love trying new things so am always starting new projects and buying ingredients to try new recipes. The problem I have come to realise is that sometimes I lose interest… or my interest shifts to something new… AKA SQUIRREL! [if you don’t get the reference go and watch Disney’s Up!]


I decided to write this post after reading “Good boss, Bad boss” on LauGraEva’s blog, I remember that I first discovered this about myself when I was my own boss working at home. I was younger and had the misconception that I would have so much more time because I was working from home; I was wowed by the fact that in the middle of winter I could wear my flannel PJs and UG Boots to the office 🙂 Needless to say I very quickly realised that watching Firefly whilst answering work emails was not a good plan when I replied to a client informing them that everything was “Shiny”.


The same thing happened when I was unemployed for two months last year, I thought I would have so much time and I would be able to keep up on everything in the house and get a bunch of projects done that I had been unable to start… pfft… didn’t happen. I did get some vegies planted and caught up on washing, I also cleared out the closest and sent a bunch of stuff off to charity, but there was so much I didn’t get close to touching which was seriously disappointing! I even used to make deals with myself like: ‘okay, we are putting a wash on now, you can watch one episode of Big Bang Theory and then you have to go and put it out’, but then invariably I would try and find things to do inside like the project I started creating Christmas decorations by up-cycling books… that was way fun… and messy and kind of took over my coffee table for a week before Hubby got the royal poos 🙂

At the moment I have 2 major projects that I need to get too, one is that I found a vintage bird cage by the side of the road and I have the idea of somehow turning it into a succulent planter for my mates for their combined 30th bday – they both like up-cycle/vintage so I think they will love it. Then Hubby had to go into hospital etc. and long story short their birthday has come and gone and I haven’t finished it 😦

it's because of the Squirrels...

it’s because of the Squirrels…

I also have a project I desperately have to start and finish before October for my Best-Friend’s wedding and…. I was about to tell you all about it, but then I have just realised that I think she reads my blog from time to time and so I cannot tell you about it, but it is pretty awesome. I have never done anything like it before and actually have no idea whether I am able to do it, in theory [AKA according to my hella awesome research] it will work, but in practice… who knows.

My point is that these two projects in particular I really need to get done and I can’t afford to



“Man! I Feel Like A Tooheys!”

* Parody of “Man! I feel like a Woman!” by Shania Twain.

I’m going out tonight-I’m feelin’ alright
Gonna let my gut hang out
Gonna make some noise-really raise my voice
Yeah, I’m gonna scream and shout
No inhibitions-make no conditions
Get a little outta line
I ain’t gonna act politically correct
I only wanna have a good time

The best thing about being a young man
Is our ability to drink a little more and…

Oh, oh, oh, go totally crazy-need myself a lady
Large cars, lotsa bars
Oh, oh, oh, really go wild-yeah, dressin’ without style
Oh, oh, oh, get in the action-what the hell’s attraction
Grease in my hair-don’t really care
Oh, oh, oh, I wanna be free-yeah, to feel the way I feel
Man! I feel like a Tooheys!

When I need a break, I’ll BBQ a steak
And watch the footy on the TV
You guys know the bliss
Standing to take a… ooh give that a miss
Baby don’t you know that I’m free.

The best thing about being a young man
Is our ability to drink a little more and..

Oh, oh, oh, go totally crazy-need myself a lady
Large cars, lotsa bars
Oh, oh, oh, really go wild-yeah, dressin’ without style
Oh, oh, oh, get in the action-what the hell’s attraction
Grease in my hair-don’t really care
Oh, oh, oh, I wanna be free-yeah, to feel the way I feel
Man! I feel like a Tooheys!

The best thing about being a young man
Is our ability to drink a little more
(more, more)

Oh, oh, oh, go totally crazy-need myself a lady
Large cars, lotsa bars
Oh, oh, oh, really go wild-yeah, dressin’ without style
Oh, oh, oh, get in the action-what the hell’s attraction
Grease in my hair-don’t really care
Oh, oh, oh, I wanna be free-yeah, to feel the way I feel
Man! I feel like a Tooheys!

I get totally crazy
Can you drink it
Oh, Oh, Yeah, Yeah
I feel like a Tooheys

*Response to the WordPress writing challenge

Standing on my soapbox

So I was trawling around the web this morning and came across two things that bugged me. The first was this video:

I have to say I loved how this dude talked about it. I have never actually seen either show before, but he is completely right about the double standard it is apparently not at all a moral issue that she welcomed half naked strippers onto her set that she then kissed, but it is a moral issue for two men to kiss on television. This woman has issues, honestly I have no problem with either, although to be fair I do not know when her show airs – if it airs at a time where young children are watching then I do have an issue with them parading strippers around because I find that kind of blatant sexual imagery unnecessary on general programming that children watch.

Here is what I have an issue with… did this man do a brave thing? Yes, he did and in my opinion that is the problem! I believe there is something seriously wrong in our society when in order for this man to speaking openly about his sexuality he had to be brave.

Then I saw this video:

I made it to 4 mins, honestly I wanted to turn it off way earlier than that, but I persisted… until I saw the ignorant bigot couple that popped up around 3:45, I got so upset I stopped the video. Prior to posting it I have now watched the entire thing and I did find a beautiful beacon of hope in there at the end, all the other people in this video need to be sent to tolerance school!

Please do not take this post as a stance against faith; I think faith is an amazing thing to have. Faith is beautiful, it is belief, it is love and it is hope. However, I believe there is a huge difference between someone who has faith and someone who has religion. Some people use religion as a shield to hide behind in an attempt to hide their discriminations, this is not acceptable, you cannot blame religion for making you a bigot, that’s just not fair and it’s not right. It is actually incredibly offensive to those that do have faith to see people twist the messages of love, support and acceptance that having faith should provide.

This debate is not something I usually talk about because my opinions aren’t others and I don’t like people preaching at me about what the bible says. I know what the bible says guys; I went to a Catholic school… I’ve read it. But the bible says a lot of kinda crazy things that pretty much everyone ignores; how about don’t cut your hair or beard? Or, no eating or touching pig carcasses? No tattoos, no divorce, no braids, no gold, no pearls, no shellfish… the list goes on. Unfortunately with Tony Abbott now in “power” in Australia this is a conversation that is in everyone’s face almost daily… so here is my 2 cents worth… this is what I believe:

I believe every human on Earth has the right to love, they have a right to happiness and as long as they are not hurting others in the process (to be clear I mean going all crazy stalker) they should be allowed to revel in that love peacefully.

There is so much hate and hurt in our world already… why as a species are we so insistent on adding to it?

52 Books in 52 weeks – May

I do apologise in advance as I have to admit my last two books this month were shorter than what I would normally read, but to be fair I didn’t realise how short they were until I started reading the series.

Here is the list 🙂

Number Title Author
18 – Apr 27 – May 4 Sometimes a Rogue Putney, Mary Jo
19 –

May 5-11

The Maze Runner Dashner, James
20 –

May 12-18

Married with Zombies Petersen, Jesse
21 –

May 19-25

Resurrected Rice, Morgan
22 – May 26 – Jun 1 Craved Rice, Morgan


Part of the reason I designed and set this task for myself this year was to force me to read books that I wouldn’t normally read as well as books I keep meaning to read, but somehow never get around to reading. Most of the books I read this month fall into one of these categories.

Sometimes a Rogue – Mary Jo Putney

Sometimes a Rogue

I’m not going to lie; it took me a while to try a “Romance” novel. Why? Because whenever I have read them in the past it was the same story every time, just in different settings with different names; damsel has bad thing happen to her such as getting kidnapped, often the leading man is the kidnapper, but he is misunderstood, he falls for the captive she gets what I always amounted to be Stockholm syndrome AKA falls in love with him too and somehow everything works out after they almost break up a few times. Oh and sometimes for a plot twist she falls pregnant, but doesn’t tell him for some reason. So as you can imagine I went into this with very low expectations and was pleasantly surprised… apparently romance novels sometimes have a damsel who has a spine? The female character Sarah did get kidnapped, but she fought her kidnappers, dressed as a boy to elude them once she had escaped, slept in barns, survived a huge storm at sea during which the boat split into a million pieces, saved the male protagonist and protected his land by shooting invaders. Like I said, pleasantly surprised.


The Maze Runner – James Dashner

maze runner

Finally I got to this book, it has been on my “To Read” list for ages! This novel came out in 2009 and can I just say that it certainly stood up to (and in many cases far exceeded) the quality of YA fiction coming out at that time. I really enjoyed it and will likely see the movie when it comes out later this year, mainly because I am interested to see the Grievers brought to life 🙂 I have already put a hold on the prequel and sequel at the Library, there are a couple of holds on them though so I may be in for a wait 😦





Married with Zombies – Jesse Petersen


If you are looking for a gruesome hard-hitting Zombie novel this is not the book for you. I enjoyed this book, I actually laughed out loud a few times and really liked the chapter titles as you went along which combined surviving the Zombie apocalypse with lessons from their marriage counsellor. I liked the offbeat humour in this novel and particularly enjoyed where they sat down and had a conversation about all the movies they had seen to try and put together a list of how to possibly kill Zombies. I also had to laugh when they were filling up on gas and the husband started stealing all the cigarettes because he thought they could be used to trade for goods later on. It was also nice to have a bit of realism in that the power, water and internet didn’t automatically stop because there were Zombies. Worth a read… I am trying to track down the sequel.


Resurrected & Craved – Morgan Rice













These books are the first two in a YA series by Morgan Rice, they were ok for a Vampire Novel and would likely be snapped up by the target audience, but for someone that grew up on
Anne Rice (quite literally I was reading her novels in my early teens) I was a bit underwhelmed. The characters were pretty well developed for a YA novel and Morgan definitely has the teen-speak down – meaning I have like never seen so many “likes” in one page in like any book in like ever… like.

And so we go into June… so many books… so little time.