Standing on my soapbox

So I was trawling around the web this morning and came across two things that bugged me. The first was this video:

I have to say I loved how this dude talked about it. I have never actually seen either show before, but he is completely right about the double standard it is apparently not at all a moral issue that she welcomed half naked strippers onto her set that she then kissed, but it is a moral issue for two men to kiss on television. This woman has issues, honestly I have no problem with either, although to be fair I do not know when her show airs – if it airs at a time where young children are watching then I do have an issue with them parading strippers around because I find that kind of blatant sexual imagery unnecessary on general programming that children watch.

Here is what I have an issue with… did this man do a brave thing? Yes, he did and in my opinion that is the problem! I believe there is something seriously wrong in our society when in order for this man to speaking openly about his sexuality he had to be brave.

Then I saw this video:

I made it to 4 mins, honestly I wanted to turn it off way earlier than that, but I persisted… until I saw the ignorant bigot couple that popped up around 3:45, I got so upset I stopped the video. Prior to posting it I have now watched the entire thing and I did find a beautiful beacon of hope in there at the end, all the other people in this video need to be sent to tolerance school!

Please do not take this post as a stance against faith; I think faith is an amazing thing to have. Faith is beautiful, it is belief, it is love and it is hope. However, I believe there is a huge difference between someone who has faith and someone who has religion. Some people use religion as a shield to hide behind in an attempt to hide their discriminations, this is not acceptable, you cannot blame religion for making you a bigot, that’s just not fair and it’s not right. It is actually incredibly offensive to those that do have faith to see people twist the messages of love, support and acceptance that having faith should provide.

This debate is not something I usually talk about because my opinions aren’t others and I don’t like people preaching at me about what the bible says. I know what the bible says guys; I went to a Catholic school… I’ve read it. But the bible says a lot of kinda crazy things that pretty much everyone ignores; how about don’t cut your hair or beard? Or, no eating or touching pig carcasses? No tattoos, no divorce, no braids, no gold, no pearls, no shellfish… the list goes on. Unfortunately with Tony Abbott now in “power” in Australia this is a conversation that is in everyone’s face almost daily… so here is my 2 cents worth… this is what I believe:

I believe every human on Earth has the right to love, they have a right to happiness and as long as they are not hurting others in the process (to be clear I mean going all crazy stalker) they should be allowed to revel in that love peacefully.

There is so much hate and hurt in our world already… why as a species are we so insistent on adding to it?


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13 responses to “Standing on my soapbox

  • amforte66

    Great job expressing your feelings on this topic. I especially like the way you note the difference between faith and religion. People seem to use religion as way to excuse all sorts of poor behavior.

    • ditchthebun

      Thank you so much, I am glad it came across well. You always worry when it comes to sensitive topics, but today I just needed to get my feelings across. I am an optimistic person who believes in acceptance and is quite passionate in my beliefs, everyone deserves a chance at happiness 🙂
      In regards to faith vs. religion, it makes me sad to see the horrible things people do in their God’s name. Like you said some use it as an excuse, how can we expect anything from the next generation when they have such terrible role models?

  • Kat

    Very well said! And I agree with you regarding faith/religion. It has always been a pet peeve of mine.

  • kristenlynnwrites

    Well said! I love that you wrote about this. The last line was my favorite 🙂

    • ditchthebun

      Thank you! It was something I felt strongly about so I felt I had to write about it. I think the last line was a good overall statement for the post. I see so many horrible things in the news and we do it all to ourselves.

  • infinitebrains

    THANK YOU! I don’t know how anyone believes they have the right to diminish the love of others. Tony Abbot has no right to agree that I can’t marry someone I love because we are of the same sex. Let alone the president of Uganda sentencing people to life in prison. I’m climbing onto this soap box. We need to stand together and end injustices like this once and for all

    • ditchthebun

      I agree! You are very welcome on the box we need more people up here 🙂 Whenever anyone asks me to engage in political discussion (in person or online) lately my response is the same… “as far as I am concerned they are all bigots and until we have have a government that does not condone discrimination I don’t want to talk about it”. You should see people’s faces when I accuse our government of these things, when they ask me to explain how I am only to happy to… I am also happy to show dictionary definitions of the words on my phone to those who protest their meaning. The truth is they condone bullying, they condone discrimination and they are bigots… the end! The fact I have come out and written that will probably end up with me on some watch list lol 🙂 Technically it is not defamation of character if it is true, right?

  • laugraeva

    Ahhh this post is so close to home!
    Totally agree with you about religion and faith.
    I wish people would remember that homosexual sex used to be the norm in like Roman times! And that even animals do it and don’t hate each other for it!

  • Rebekah

    I like the videos you posted. I’m glad I have learned to love myself and others just the same, not wanting to change anyone. Everyone can have their own opinion but sometimes it is wiser to keep it to yourself if it harms others.

    You don’t have to be gay, but don’t make those who are feel bad. If you want to use religion to prove a point start by example. By loving others for who they are.

    Nice work. I look forward to reading more of your posts, as I am now following you.

    • ditchthebun

      Thank you for your kind comments. I think it is important to be accepting of people as a general rule. If what they are doing harms no one then no one should have anything bad to say about it 🙂

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