Locals cheer attacks on Gaza strip

This is not the kind of post I would normally do, but then I have come to realise that there is not a lot about me that is normal so perhaps this post is exactly like me. 

Today I desperately felt the need to restore my faith in humanity as this morning it hit an all time low. Last night I turned off the news when I saw the report on the bombings, not only did I hate to see humans once again destroying each other, but I didn’t want my young nephews to see it – I do everything I can to protect my nephews and nieces from experiencing violence in the vain hope that it makes some difference so they will do better in their generation than any of the ones before them. Then today I read this article that reports locals setting up a “cinema” of sorts on a nearby hill and eating popcorn and cheering when the bombs landed, even taking pictures of each other grinning giving a thumbs up as bombs went off in the distance.

Please note that I am not trying to make any statement about the bombings themselves or the situation in this part of the world, that is not at all my aim in this post.

My aim is to express my complete and absolute disgust that anyone would sit there, eat popcorn and get their jollies by watching people be murdered, what the f#@k is wrong with you people? I’m sure there is a word or condition to describe you accurately, but I can’t currently think of anything better than “sick” and I don’t truly believe they are worth more than a four letter word so I am not going to bother spending time trying to think of anything better. 

So today I have spent some of my lunch time at work trying to re-inflate my faith in humanity, I have done this in a couple of different ways; by re-reading the post I did the other day on Sir Nicholas Winton who is a complete hero. Special thank you to the publishing company for sending me this kind message after reading the piece I wrote: 

Seriously it seems that everyone who has anything to do with this man is completely lovely! Could being a truly good person be contagious I wonder?

Seriously it seems that everyone who has anything to do with this man is completely lovely! Could being a truly good person be contagious I wonder?

Then I spent some time on good ole YouTube looking for further proof that there are still good humans out there. 

This helped:

A picture is worth a thousand words

This helped A LOT!

And this was a nice little cherry on top 🙂




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9 responses to “Locals cheer attacks on Gaza strip

  • cutiecameras

    Great post! Sometimes I need to be reminded of the little acts of kindness being performed on a daily basis by people around the world. It makes me feel a tiny bit better when terrible things happen..

    • ditchthebun

      Thank you! That is exactly how I felt! I feel exactly as you do and sometimes I need to go searching to remind myself that there are some truly beautiful souls out there that would do anything for their fellow man, including literally giving them the short off their back. It is unfortunate that the terrible things get more news coverage.

  • emmaslaysdragons

    Great post! I completely understand having to get assurance about our future as a species. With the internet, we see things like shootings and nasty worldwide conflicts more than ever before. Sometimes I believe that humankind with self implode. But those were nice images to remind everyone there is some good left in the world. 🙂

    • ditchthebun

      Thank you! You are so right the internet makes it easier for the evil doings to be shared.
      I am often inspired by things I see, for example seeing all those beautiful things yesterday made me feel like I need to do more good with my life and I pondered how I could go about that. I have to wonder whether it works the other way too? If we are constantly exposed to ever rising acts of evil, will we be inspired to do evil acts?

  • ivyon

    I saw it :/ I don’t understand. Being a media graduate I hope this was a media construct and manipulation. I hope it is.

    I have seen everything you posted here for faith restoring, I do that. Actually I watch a lot of videos that have that kind of message 🙂
    Btw, they didn’t translated Dobri, it means Good.

    For your nephews I don’t think you can protect them. Let them see it if it is inevitable. Tell them if they ask. Let them form their own opinion. They are the next generation and we have the most information available then ever. The sooner they have their stand of all of that – media, tons of information that can be fake, wars that are happening, violence and a threat for privacy to make them careful – the better. My opinion.

    • ditchthebun

      Well the oldest of my four nephews and nieces is 3 so I have a little time before he is overly exposed to this sort of stuff. When he sees people displaying ugly behaviour in public we talk to him about it and say stuff like, “that man was a naughty boy wasn’t he? He was saying mean things and that is not a nice thing to do. You should always be nice to people ok?” It’s the best we can do at the moment I think 🙂

      • ivyon

        My close friends have a three year-old son 🙂 I have known my friend since college and met her now husband when they got together – actually, his then best friend is my boyfriend now for over three years 😀
        So, I see how they teach him and I am so proud. I was a little worried, but as he is older I see how they explain stuff to him. He is not explained any negative behavior from others not affecting him, and he seems not to care. He just takes it as it is not related to him. We’ll see if this was a good approach, but I think it’s ok. I am more of a explaining person, but they really don’t watch tv at all… They have computer and just watch youtube, series, cartoons ets.

        • ditchthebun

          Hendrix mostly watches kids educational TV, he LOVES monsters though, the HULK is his favourite and he walked in when my younger bro and I were watching the Walking Dead one night (we didn’t even know he was visiting). He got really upset when we turned it off because he wanted to see the monsters. We knew an ad break was imminent so we flipped it back and he saw about 30 seconds of “monsters” chasing someone, we just told him that the monsters were mean for chasing the man because it scared him. Bad aunt and uncle award there 😀 Then we turned on Jake and the Neverland Pirates 🙂

          • ivyon

            Hahahaha, awesome… I just realized that I was being contradictory in my last comments. Don’t blame me, I am usually veeeeery tired when I log on to answer XD

            What i meant is – kids are kids, they will have a lot of time to see all the horrors of the world (that sounds awful 😦 ) so let them play and enjoy. If it is inevitable, explain something, but that’s it. 🙂 And of course, teach them right from wrong and how to stand up for themselves. But hey, I don’t have kids of my own – and I don’t plan to anytime soon, so this is just theory 😀

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