What have you found in your toilet?

I read a post the other day titled “What really freaks me out…” by great snaps, goodtimes and me. It was a list (you know how much I love those) of what the author perceived as strange or irrational fears she has. I realised a couple of things whilst reading this post, one was that some of the fears I have that I thought were irrational are shared by others which made me feel like one of the freaky fears team 🙂 the other was that strange things can be found in the lavatory. Whether it be that you are afraid of finding a certain something in the loo or have actually found something creeptastic in there it seems that the old water closet has a lot to answer for.

When I was absolutely too young to be watching it (we are talking barely double digits here) I convinced my babysitter I was allowed to watch Arachnophobia – I spent the next couple of years thoroughly checking my latrine seat for spiders before sitting down. I think my fears were pretty legitimate as the Red-back spider has the nickname the toilet spider! Seriously there is even an old country song about it:

Considering what I now know perhaps I should have been more freaked out about the possibility of snakes in my throne, in doing research for this post I discovered that there is an alarming number of reports in Australia about snakes in the powder room. Not just little baby snakes either, I am talking 3 metre monsters! I mean seriously *shudders* you guys check out this newspaper story from earlier this year. 

I have found frogs in the john and when on honeymoon in Vanuatu we found crabs in the comfort station and the shower, luckily we always noticed the crabs before sitting on the privy or that could have been a rather sore honeymoon 😀

So share with me guys, what is the worst/strangest thing you have ever found in your thunderbox?

Needed some toilet humour to stop me thinking about snakes in the toilet 😀 This cartoon sourced from: http://dalmation10k.deviantart.com/art/toilet-humour-1161311


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12 responses to “What have you found in your toilet?

  • Katie

    I live in Australia so not only has this post made me need the toilet it has also made me terrified to go in there. Thanks 😉

    • ditchthebun

      Oh no, they are quick little guys too! We used to have them in our house all the time when I was living at Ayers Rock. They eat the bugs and spiders though so there is that 🙂

  • R. Todd

    I stopped reading the post right after the spider bit, because, I already have an irrational fear of things in the toilet, I really didn’t need any more help with it. Darn my imagination and all that that entails!!!

    • ditchthebun

      Haha oh no, will it make you feel better if I tell you a funny thing I found in the toilet yesterday? I came home and went to go to the loo and immediately knew that one of my nephews or nieces had been visiting. Apparently they felt bad that the rubber duck family (usually reserved for bath time) had no water so they put them all in the toilet 😛

  • ivyon

    Ok this happened in my bathtub at the place I used to live… It was next to the toilet and when I got there to take a piss inside of a bathtub was a giant spider. I am normally a person in my household who is called to kill spiders, I don’t fear them (just a little healthy amount)… But this….this was not a spider, this was Spiderilla! Effin huge ass spider like tarantula was in the tub and I freaked out and started calling for my dad. Then the thing moved and LITTLE SPIDERS STARTED COMING OUT!! Many of them!! I ran… There was no other thing to do.

  • kutukamus

    I hate inheritance! That is, when somebody, somehow, just forgot to flush. :mrgreen:

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