Oh the horror… the horror!!!

A brief recount of numerous times I have been freaked out by movies 🙂

When I was a little girl (around 9 or 10) I stupidly convinced my babysitter that I was allowed to watch Stephen King’s It, at the time I loved all books by R. L. Stine and all things horror and it never occurred to me that perhaps this was the reason that I had night terrors (yes I was a moron haha).

Needless to say it terrified me and ever since I have hated clowns, I have never watched that movie again, but now I wonder whether me today would have any problem with it. It is a wonder that I became a Librarian when I think back on the blood balloons scene.

I probably shouldn’t even mention when my brothers and I convinced another babysitter we could watch jaws and then were scared to go to the toilet or have a bath for two weeks. My littlest brother was terrified of water for a year, to be fair he was 7 years old at the time.

And Village of the Damned, holy crap! Village of the Damned is scary to a (then) 14 year old, my brothers and I loved Superman and Look Who’s Talking so we figured a movie with Christopher Reeve and Kirstie Alley in it would be stellar – nope, nope, nope. It was freaky and these crazy children were running around making people give themselves autopsies while they were still alive… eff that for a joke. Really I was the oldest, I feel like I led my brothers astray somewhat 🙂

A couple of years ago I had a movie night with a friend, she had picked Saw number something or other, I had never seen any of the Saw movies so figured what the hell it can’t be worse than Norbit (the first movie we watched). So she turns it on… Some dude is strung up with rings through numerous parts of his body (including his jaw) and if he wants to live he has to pull himself off the rings tearing through muscle, ligament, flesh and (in the case of his jaw) bone to break free.

[I posted the above because there is no way in hell that I was posting a video of that scene and I am going to see Queen ft Adam Lambert in a month so am devouring all the Queen I can 🙂 ]

I got through two, maybe three rings and that was it, I declared, “I’m out!” grabbed the popcorn bowl and walked out. She asked me what was wrong and I said there was no way I was going to watch people mutilate themselves or be mutilated. Ugh *shudders* never again Saw movies, never again. 


Meanwhile, have you guys seen Drag me to Hell? There are some jumpy bits in it and all and the story was pretty decent for a supernatural thriller/horror, but more than anything I got the serious icks from it! Just saying you guys, if you don’t want to see formaldehyde pouring out of a very dead person’s mouth onto a very alive person then skip this film. Decent acting though! 

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21 responses to “Oh the horror… the horror!!!

  • kristenlynnwrites

    Terrified of Saw movies. And that clown is life changing, it will haunt your dreams for sure! Did u ever see House of 1000 Corpses, or Devils Rejects? Those are two that you can watch and will never be the same! Love this post! Makes me want to watch a scary flick…with one eye open 🙂

    • ditchthebun

      No I never saw those movies, pretty sure the titles say it all though hahaha.
      Did you ever see the Cell? That was hella messed up! I think psychological thrillers or horrors freak me out the most. Another one that was really interesting, but freaky is Cube (1997).

  • Cassandra

    My babysitter tried to make me watch the Exorcist when I was 8. I ran into my bedroom and locked the door. Then when I was 19, a bunch of friends convinced me to go see Pet Semetary. After about 7 minutes I walked out and into the Turner and Hooch theater instead. That’s the sum of my horror movie experience.

  • Am I Thirty?

    I love horror movies. I used to watch Nightmare on Elm Street, Jason, and all those other slasher flicks with my sisters when I was about 7. Most horror movies don’t scare me. Except for The Exorcist. Just thinking about that movie gives me nightmares.

  • emmaslaysdragons

    I’ve never had a fear of clowns, or serial killers, or any of the typical “scary” things. So horror movies do little to frighten me. Although, The Women in Black managed to make me jump quite a few times. I recommend it to anyone bored in the middle of the night.

    • Katie

      I have to butt in here and say that film scared the crap out of me. The original – I can’t bring myself to watch the new one with Harry Potter because I’ve heard it’s very scary and even the trailer makes me anxious! I saw the play when I was still in England and it was just two actors and the woman who didn’t speak. She appeared out of nowhere next to my dad at one point. I couldn’t sleep for months!! Now that gives me shivers just thinking about it.

  • Katie

    The part about your brother not having a bath because of Jaws tickled me! I don’t think IT really bothered me but The Grudge with my girl Buffy in it sure did. Will never ever ever watch that again – and I kept my eyes covered for the most part of it too!

    • ditchthebun

      Oh I forgot about the Grudge, actually I think I blocked it out because it gave me the wiggins big time! I used to have trouble sleeping and I would listen to this relaxation tape of whale sounds to get to sleep. Turns out they used Orca sounds for that freaky ass clicking that happened when the Grudge was coming for you. So for quite a while Orcas stopped being my go to when I was trying to get my sleep on haha.

  • ivyon

    I think I have written about this once… Yeah, I don’t watch horror movies. I don’t like them… I’ve watched maybe 10-20 of them and naaaah… On the other hand, thrillers… 😀

  • gjoelfranco

    IT freaks me out to this day! Just typing it makes me queasy 🙂
    How was the concert with Queen by the way? I tried to get tickets when they were in town but it sold out in under a minute…

    • ditchthebun

      Oh my god it was the BEST concert I have ever been to!!!! I should totally do a post on it, I have some great photos 🙂 I was grinning like a kid getting their first bike or puppy – or both at the same time – so exciting!! I loved every minute of it and didn’t even mind when the drunkies in front of us kept wanting to hold our hands and sway to the slow songs hahaha.

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