The Tree of Forty Fruits

Who wants to learn about something awesome today?

The tree of forty fruits is the brainchild of Sam Van Aken, a contemporary artist and art professor at Syracuse University. Sam grew up on a farm in Pennsylvania, his background in Agriculture and his love and expertise of art has combined to produce this amazing, living piece of art. The trees are not only stunningly beautiful, but also extremely practical.  

Image by Sam Van Aken retrieved from

I can’t do the project enough justice so I recommend you hear about it from the man himself. Check it out, knowledge is power! I love the TED talks!!!

Recently in Australia there has been a huge jump in the number of people growing their own fruit and veg as well as creating their own jams, preservatives, relishes and chutneys 🙂 Most of us certainly do not have acreages and I can certainly see a true and vast need for trees like this in everyday life.  


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7 responses to “The Tree of Forty Fruits

  • Cassandra

    Amazingly cool. I need one.

  • ivyon

    Saving this for tomorrow, code – can’t keep my eyes open.
    Love the TED talks also

    • ditchthebun

      It’ll be something nice to wake up to in the morning… I SO want one of these trees!

      • ivyon

        It is a nice artwork as he said, but to me it is to much messing with the growth, there is nothing better than a forest of fruit threes that each and every has it’s own time to blossom and to carry fruits. I don’t know, I see this as messing with the nature :/

        • ditchthebun

          Hmm, yeah I totally see your point and I do agree on a level too. But in saying that part of the reason he started this was to preserve the heritage trees of the orchard so there is a conservation element to it as well.
          I was looking at it from the point of view that if this was to become a commercial idea I would absolutely put them in my garden, as far as I am concerned trees of any kind are good and I much prefer trees that produce than ornamental trees. I wouldn’t be able to fit a mini-orchard in my yard and therefore don’t have much stonefruit because I can’t afford it, this provides another avenue 🙂

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