Escape to Your Happy Place: De-Stressing on the Job

I had to share this post, as a Librarian everything in this post is familiar to me 🙂
Whilst constructing a comment for this post I rather nicely put together what I feel a Librarian’s role is really like.
“Here is what working in a Library is like: it is like being an early, primary, secondary, tertiary and ESL teacher all rolled into one except you never know what they are going to need to learn that day so you have to try and prepare for anything and you still get stymied. Oh, I forgot you are also supposed to be Police, I had a student the other day tell me that she had left her phone in the Library’s care (AKA put it on the recharge station then went to class) and therefore it was the Library’s responsibility that the phone was stolen… umm… okay… no.
I love that you have a list here, my personal escape is listening to music (Madilyn Bailey’s version of Titanium is a personal favourite). I found that I always came home from work happier on days I listened to music. But you know what this proves? Not only do Librarian’s have to be overly prepared for everyone else, we even have to plan and prepare our own stress relief hahaha.”
I should add that I mentioned nothing about technology here and that was a huge error on my part, we are also expected to be technology support for any technology ever invented. People have literally brought their new tablet from the shop, come into the Library and handed me the box and asked me to set it up for them. I have also had a child ask me why their tamagotchi died. I have had people call me and ask why their email is not working or to help them download and set up Skype over the phone. The Librarian – the true jack of all trades 🙂
Do you ever sit there and repeat, “I love my job, I love my job”?

Mr. Library Dude

According to Forbes (and hey, aren’t they just “experts” on libraries!), librarian is #8 on the list of “Least Stressful Jobs of 2014” (info via CareerCast).

Well, who can blame them? We just read books all day, don’t we? Ummmm, no.

Hmm…Guess they’re not dealing with budget cuts, anti-tax crusaders, soiled diapers on the story time floor, skyrocketing e-journal costs, new information literacy standards, and irate patrons.

I count myself as one of the lucky ones. As primarily an instruction/reference librarian in an academic library, I’m usually not the one that has to lobby campus administration or deal with library fines. But frustration and stress can still bubble over: never-ending meetings, red tape, lack of resources, that thorn-in-your-side [patron, co-worker, professor, student…fill in the blank], the constant “do more with less” mantra, or worse yet…a toxic work environment.

Although it’s no “cure all,” sometimes you need to…

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I work in a Public Library full time as the Reference & Information Services Librarian. It is a full on, busy role with much variety and many challenges and I love it! I love being able to be part of selecting books for our library service too, so amazing!!! I love the idea of thinking about our patrons and what they might enjoy reading. I have strange sometimes very outside the box ideas that I want to try at work, I just need to convince others of how awesome my ideas are. Saving the Library, one awesome plan at a time. Hmm... I need a cape - all the awesome super heroes have a cape! View all posts by DitchTheBun

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