Do you ever feel like you are bashing against an endless wall of incompetent medical babble desperate for some real help?

Yup, just like this! Source:

I have felt like this for at least a year. Hubby and I have been trying for a baby since NYE 2011; about 20 months ago I convinced him that we needed to seek further help. It has taken than long and a barrage of tests, most of them blood tests, checking a whole range of stuff and several different doctors for me to finally find one that listened to me.

I went to this new Doctor a couple of weeks ago and told him straight, “we can’t conceive, please help us” we:

  • Stopped using birth control immediately
  • Have been eating well
  • Well “I” have been taking pre-pregnancy vitamins
  • Haven’t been drinking and neither of us do drugs
  • Have figured out my cycle
  • Avoid the positions where semen is not encouraged to travel towards the uterus
  • Have had Hubster checked out
  • Have been exercising
  • Have not killed the million people who told us to relax

Here are the conception techniques we have tried:

  • Charting body temperature
  • Sperm meets egg
  • Mucus investigation
  • “Laying low” after sex
  • Combination of all of the above
Sperm meets Egg

Sperm meets Egg

In spite of all of this I am still not pregnant and have been putting on weight pretty steadily.

He took me really seriously, he believed me when I said that I didn’t seem to be able to get my weight in check (we are talking about a lot of weight guys!) even though I am exercising for around an hour every second day! He immediately sent me for bloods (AGAIN), but this time he was checking EVERYTHING – this was something I had asked other Doctors for several times, but apparently they didn’t actually do it. I also demanded a referral to a Gyno who specialises in fertility issues and he gave me that, I see her this Friday.

I went back for the results of my bloods yesterday and he informed me that I did not have PCOS (quite relieved), but my insulin level was scary high and I had to go on medication immediately. I mean seriously scary high you guys, people are supposed to max out at 10… I am freaking 57!!! [He was also pretty unimpressed that when I had gone to see Dr. Evil a little while back he had not put me on medication immediately – more evidence of his large douche factor!]

He explained Insulin resistance to me and all of the symptoms I have been suffering for many months are on the list;

  • Intestinal bloating
  • Fatigue
  • Increased appetite
  • Inability to focus
  • Weight gain, difficulty losing weight
  • Increased blood pressure – this is only very recently
  • Depression

He immediately put me on Metformin 500mgs, this should not only help with the Insulin resistance which in turn will help with weight loss, but it should also aid conception.

I certainly feel like the other docs over the last 18 months have seriously wasted my time and health. If they had have been as thorough as I asked them to 10kgs ago I wouldn’t be in such a scary position now!!!

But I can see some sunlight slipping through the clouds at last 🙂


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31 responses to “Breakthrough!

  • My Perfect Breakdown

    It is so awesome to have a doctor and medical team who are working with you and for you! Hopefully they can get everything straightened out and help you get that baby too!! 🙂

  • christinajavete

    Oh no! I hope everything will be fine so you can relax and make a baby!! ❤

    • ditchthebun

      Yeah me too. Thanks so much!
      I had curly platinum hair as a bub and Husby has ringlets so I would adore a curly haired boy or girl. Actually I don’t care what s/he is or what s/he looks like as long as they are happy and healthy 🙂
      Pretty easy to please.

  • prettyloved

    I’m so glad you’ve got a Dr. who understands you now. It’s so important to find someone who knows what the hell they’re talking about and gets your concerns. Congrats on that. I’m sorry about the baby issue 😦 One of my biggest fears is to find out I have PCOS or am infertile but I know PCOS is reversible so I’m so happy you don’t have that. I’m excited to see if your new medicine is able to help you!! Good luck with everything 🙂 I look forward to your future posts!!!!

    • ditchthebun

      Thank you. I actually think it is having an affect. I have only been using it for a couple of days, but my thought process is much sharper than it was before which is funny because I hadn’t realised it was affected (the things you get used to) and I have lost almost a kilo since starting the medication. This sounds like nothing I know, but when it tooks me weeks previously to get the same result and I haven’t even been trying… it’s kinda a big deal in my world LOL.

  • gjoelfranco

    Best of luck with this new doc! My wife and I had a lot of problems with one doc as well, and when changed things got much better! Hope the insulin problem is taken care of and everything should fall into place! All the best wishes!

    • ditchthebun

      Thank you! I have a great feeling like things are going to change for me health wise now we have made this discovery. Other ailments I have been suffering seem to have completely disappeared in the 3 days since taking this medication – I no longer have crippling stomache cramps, heart burn or bloating – three cheers!!! My head is clearer than it has been in ages – I didn’t even know I was having trouble with that and I am sleeping really soundly. To be honest if this is a placebo effect bring on the M&Ms because they are working hahaha.

  • becquij

    Sending loads of positive vibes your way! Hopefully these meds will do the trick, and that babba will be on the way in no time 🙂

    • ditchthebun

      Hahaha thank you. I have high hopes too. It is the first time in awhile I have allowed myself to have hope 🙂 It sounds sad I know, but I feel like it hurts so much more when you have hope and it gets dashed.

  • Amanda

    I hope Metformin works miracles quickly! What about acupuncture? I have had friends swear by it for fertility.

  • Katie

    It’s such a great feeling when you get a good Dr. I’ve been on metformin for a few years now and it’s really helped me with the hunger thing (and I used to get bad shakes too). I have a massive sweet tooth but when I cut it out and the heavy carbs (like potatoes and white pasta) I feel heaps better. For me it is not about weight but not needing to snack so often or feeling faint. I heard it’s an appetite killer so hopefully it’ll give you a little nudge on the weight loss without even trying. This will obviously help heaps on the TTC side of things. Fingers crossed 🙂

  • ivyon

    I’m happy for you 🙂 ❤

  • Mandi

    One of my best friends experienced something very similar a couple of years ago. Out of nowhere, a girl who was 5’9″ and very slim put on 40 lbs. She had never fluctuated more than a few lbs here and there and then all of a sudden, like within 2 months, 40 lbs. She too was trying to get pregnant and had recently quit taking birth control, so she blamed that and the difference in hormones but still sought out medical advice. Doctor after doctor told her there was nothing wrong, that she needed to look at her diet and exercise more, but she was already doing that…had been all along.

    Finally, she met with an endocrinologist, a recommendation from my nerdy scientist husband, who realized the too had insulin levels completely out of whack. She started some medication and a diet that was geared toward diabetic diets and lost a lot of the weight.

    Guess what she’s doing now? She’s on maternity leave. When she got her levels all situated, she got pregnant. Almost immediately, and they had been trying for a very long time.

    I too had a difficult time getting pregnant. Tried for over two years. I was one of those who finally gave up, quit trying because I had plans to go to a wedding in Mexico and didn’t want to be knocked up (so that I could drink tequila), and then four weeks before the wedding, I finally got my positive test.

    Best of luck to you..and I hope that everything levels out and sperm meets egg.

  • Claudette

    Hope all this works out in a postive manner for you. Glad you finally found a Dr that listened to you. Fingers crossed.

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