Healthy life… weird textures

I haven’t posted in awhile and I am very sorry, it has been a bad month with a lot going on. I have now been diagnosed with serious insulin resistance (AKA stop eating bad shit right now) and PCOS (AKA you wanna lose weight, good luck with that *maniacal Robin Williams laughter*).

So it is time for a change… a change is as good as a holiday after all… except for the lack of Tequila Sunrises and Daiquiris because we can’t have them anymore 😦


First things first – Diet. I didn’t think I ate enormous amounts of “crap” before, but it turns out when you decide you need to live a low GI lifestyle you discover how much apparent “crap” you actually did eat.

My friend is a nutritionist/naturopath and she knows her stuff, I told her of my plight and asked for some pointers. She has recommended some supplements like fish oil and Apple cider vinegar to help with the digestive bloating and killer heartburn I have been getting. She also told me about the magical properties of Chia seeds, so today I have an incredibly sore throat and decided to have a Chia Pudding rather than try to swallow anything else. Have you guys seen Chia puddings? Seriously they look like frog’s eggs:

froggs eggs

The texture/consistency is pretty much what I would expect frog’s eggs to be too, there is also no taste which is about the best thing about it. You can make it taste like anything, today mine tasted like vanilla bean and cinnamon which is YUM in any language, but I couldn’t stand the consistency. My brain didn’t understand how this is a superfood. I have been told that the ancient Aztecs used to eat this superfood to help them with health, vitality, energy and wellness which all sounds awesome, I’m just wondering if they found that in a cave painting or perhaps the Codex Mendoza?


So I went and did some research between the last sentence and now and it turns out that the Codex apparently does mention that they cultivated Chia… who knew hahaha.

Please note that I am not at all saying that Chia seeds are not good for you, I am a Science and Health Librarian so believe me when I say I have done the research and the research says it is good for you 🙂 I am just having a whine about eating snotty frog’s eggs.

Just when I was getting to the point where I didn’t think I could swallow another mouthful I remembered the banana sitting at my desk. I chopped it up and tried it with the Chia.


And I have to say it was pretty good. The texture of the banana covered up the texture of the Chia pudding quite a bit and I was able to eat the majority of it without an issue… until I ran out of banana 🙂

Interestingly (and somewhat problematically as I am supposed to have 5-6 small meals a day) it is now hours later and I do not feel hungry at all [increased appetite is part and parcel of these conditions so I am often very hungry] and it is not like I ate much I mean the pudding is only 6oz


And I didn’t even finish it. I have got some bloating (but no heartburn thank god!) and am a bit uncomfortable so we will see how we go.

Surely eating something with the consistency of frog’s eggs counts under my “Try something new” New Year’s Resolution 🙂

Have you eaten something you found gross in the name of living a healthy life? What lengths have you gone to in order to be “healthy”?


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24 responses to “Healthy life… weird textures

  • laugraeva

    Good luck with your “get healthy” regime!
    I am a coeliac but I also can’t eat rice (my intestines don’t know what to do with rice anymore). I was a super strict coeliac for the first year or so but lately I have been slacking by eating things that may or may not have been made in a factory containing gluten (yep, even that sets me off). It’s a hard adjustment changing your diet but when you know it’s for your health it makes it a little easier.

  • Claudette

    “Snotty Frogs Eggs” – have to agree with you on that one, exactly what it looks like. Hope your health gets better/under control and you can stop eating potential tadpoles.

  • Cassandra

    I have some pretty significant texture issues. Don’t think I could pull off snotty frogs eggs in a million years. I can’t even eat yogurt with fruit mixed into it.

    • ditchthebun

      Texture is a huge thing, I also can’t stand avocado or eggplant – particularly grilled or baked eggplant ugh – even thinking about it makes me feel ill.
      Interestingly I do love the consistency of things like yoghurt and custard so a snack of that mixed with fruit I am totally fine with.

  • becquij

    Yep, chia seeds are strange little things. I find they have a tendency to stick to my teeth too, so not only am I eating frogs eggs the next person I speak to gets an eyeful of my dinner. 😦 ew! But taste-wise I mush chia seeds up with a banana, a bit of almond milk, oats and cinnamon. Leave them overnight and in the morning its super healthy porridge! So yummy (especially with a weeny bit of maple syrup on top).

    Hope everything settles down soon, keep smiling 🙂 x

    • ditchthebun

      Ew to tadpole smiles hahaha.
      My friend gave me a similar recipe for chia, I am looking forward to trying it! I think the trick for me is that I have to have it as part of something, I can’t eat it alone.

  • Amanda

    Yikes. GL with the frog eggs! I hope they help your throat and that you feel well all around soon!

  • gjoelfranco

    Hope you feel better soon!!!

    • ditchthebun

      Thanks Joel, slowly starting to figure it out 🙂 There a lot of learning to do as far as listening to your body.

      • gjoelfranco

        Yes there is! Been doing a lot of that myself

        • ditchthebun

          There is no Google translate for that language 🙂

          • gjoelfranco

            Nope there isn’t… Too many people don’t listen to their bodies and get in big trouble

          • ditchthebun

            So true! It was me listening to my body that made me keep trying new doctors over the past two years. If the Insulin resistance had continued untreated it would have developed into diabetes which if not picked up could be deadly.

          • gjoelfranco

            Yes! You did the right thing and now you can get better! But people only seem to want to take a pill and move on without really understanding what is going on…it’s like they don’t want to be bothered, and yet they complain later about how their body this or their body that…

          • ditchthebun

            Yay for better 🙂
            Pills can be good and in some cases like mine (but not all: you are right many look for a quick fix) very necessary, but learning what supplements, diet and exercise you need to ensure your best health is vital 🙂
            I am not going to lie, I am not perfect everyday… yesterday I had Tim Tams (they were amazeballs), but the rest of this week I had been a very good girl. Nobody’s perfect, but I try haha.

          • gjoelfranco

            Trying is half the battle 🙂
            You got to live a little so nothing wrong with the occasional treat! Considering I have no idea what Tim Tams are, I am sure they were awesome!

          • ditchthebun

            We can’t be friends anymore Joel hahaha. Tim Tams are the best chocolate biscuit on the Earth! 🙂 A number of celebrities that visit Oz make it part of their must have list for appearances and Justin Timberlake has even said in interviews that it is the best 🙂
            You have to find a way to get hold of some. Google image their goodness for a drool fest today 🙂

      • gjoelfranco

        Been doing a lot of that myself 😉

  • brittanynicole86

    I’ve had the decreased appetite with metformin too. Sometimes I’m not even hungry, when I know I should be, because it’s been hours since I ate…so I make myself eat at least something. So far I haven’t completely cut carbs out, but I have cut back a lot. For breakfast I eat eggs with ham, veggies and cheese. Try to eat some sort of salad with protein for lunch. Dinner is the one meal I do allow myself to eat some carbs, but mostly whole grains, and only small amounts. So no seconds of mashed potatoes for me! Only a tiny scoop =( Good luck with your meal planning!

    • ditchthebun

      Thanks for the visit, comment and especially the follow 🙂 So happy to have you 🙂
      The lack of appetite is a blessing and a curse I feel. I have found a lot of research that recommends 5 small meals a day, but I just can’t do that. I usually manage 3 meals a day and maybe 2 small snacks and let me tell you the meal sizes aren’t big either.
      I tend to have carbs in the morning, I find it hard to eat breakfast and sometimes when I am running late I don’t have time to have a proper breakfast (I know that is bad and I am working on it, but the snooze button is just so seductive lol) so I will have a piece of toast. The days I have toast are usually the days where I am able to have an apple or pear come morning tea. I am still learning what is good and bad, but the bread I do eat is good, wholemeal or wholegrain (stonemilled where possible).
      Oh my gosh there is so much to learn!!

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