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Period and Ovulation Tracker

Yes this is a thing for those of you who are unaware. I am not sure what the “best” one is, but it is basically just counting right so how hard can that be hahaha.

I have decided to put an app on my phone so that I can keep a track of supposed ovulation times etc. mainly because we have finally got to a fertility specialist and what he did at the first meeting was say exactly the same things that we’ve heard already, then he arranged for us to have some tests done. Most of which we have done previously, but apparently having the results on file was not good enough, we had to do it again so our results can… go on file? Maybe he just likes receiving files with this name as the “attention to:” person on them. I don’t know. I do know that I was majorly PO’d that I paid over $350 for him to parrot back crap I had already heard at us. SIGH. So I figure it I can give him data he can eat his words. Therefore I am looking for a menstrual cycle tracker and a calorie tracker so I can stick the data up his nose when I go back in a couple of weeks!

Anyone got some suggestions. I will be honest and tell you I am looking for $0 cost – especially considering the amount we have paid not only for the initial visit, but also for the follow up testing we had to do.


Salt isn’t evil?

I have learned a lot about salt, I used to think it was evil so there wasn’t much of it in my diet which led to potato chip cravings (potato chips are evil lol). Now I make sure to include a healthy amount of salt with each meal and if I am craving potato chips I have cruskit with vegemite on it and magically I don’t need potato chips anymore. It might seem really obvious to some of you, but when you don’t grow up learning these things about nutrition trust me everything is new.

I honestly used to believe (quite naively) that I had a healthy diet because I ate vegies and fruits and did not eat take out often. I stayed away from salt (didn’t even have it on eggs) and avoided a lot of fried and fatty (or what I thought was fatty) foods. Guess what… still fat, still got insulin resistance, still got PCOS…

What I have realised is that I know very little about proper nutrition. Since I found out about my condition a couple of months ago I have done tonnes of research – I am talking almost daily. I have looked at treatments, recommended diets, statistics, and so many low GI recipes it makes my head spin. What is killing me is that I know I need to make these massive changes in my life (and I have done quite a bit to date, but I have a heap more to do) and even though I have read so much literature on everything I could find to do with it I still feel really ignorant.

Does anyone else feel like this about their diets or medical conditions?

I feel like when I go to a doctor they jabber at me in jargon and when I tried to talk to a nutritionist she started babbling on about gluten free and something else before my ears packed up and went home. I know these people are learned and know their stuff, but so often they aren’t able to put their knowledge and advice in terms I will understand. I am a pretty intelligent person with a pretty impressive understanding of vocabulary and the English language… if I don’t get it there must be more out there like me, right?

Meanwhile I have had some random cravings lately since I have drastically reduced my sugar intake. Funny story – last night I dreamt I had a Mars Bar that I had been saving for an emergency, in the dream that time had come, just as I was about to take a bite I woke up and realised there was no Mars Bar and was sad. Then I realised that I don’t like Mars Bars anyway hahaha.