52 Books in 52 weeks – October

I know, I know, this is so late guys and I am sorry. Very crazy, busy second half of the year for me.

Here is the list 🙂

Number Title Author
40 – Sep 29 – Oct 5 Pie Girls Clark, Lauren
41 –

Oct 6-12

Bloodfever Moning, Karen Marie
42 –

Oct 13-19

Faefever Moning, Karen Marie
43 –

Oct 20-26

Dreamfever Moning, Karen Marie

October was great, I went back to continue the Mackayla Lane series after a number of you said I shouldn’t judge the series on the first book. Turns out you were right. You can read about my first experience here.

Pie girls_ebook_1

Pie Girls – Lauren Clark

I first read about this book in a review on someone else’s blog (I can’t remember who it is, if it was you please speak up so I can link back to your post!) and I decided to add it to my “to read” pile.

I’m glad I did. I enjoyed the story, the characters were interesting. I liked the display of someone changing everything about their life when tragedy strikes because let’s face it… many of us do that! I usually stop after a massive hair change and quite a bit of retail therapy AKA new wardrobe and totally different style, but this young lady went balls to the wall with it and thank god. Whilst there were some likable qualities about her in the beginning, mostly she was very shallow and obsessed with things that are totally unnecessary to be happy in life.

I loved all the talk about pies, oh my god! I think I put on 5 kilos every time she was talking about her pies!!!!! Nom Nom Nom!

October pic

Bloodfever, Faefever, Dreamfever – Karen Marie Moning

Part of the reason I didn’t continue with this series was because the female protagonist really put me off in the first book. Another part of the reason is because the other books had all gone missing from the local Library and I wasn’t interested enough in the series to pay for them J Then a few of you told me I had to get past the first book because the series got so much better and I checked my Library again to find that they had replaced the lost stock. So I borrowed them all 😀 Go hard or go home guys I was determined to read them.

I have to admit I am glad that I stuck with it. In the first book I found the characters in general to be quite 2 dimensional, I didn’t really feel there was much depth to explore there at all. But as soon as I started reading book two I realised that they were indeed being developed into deeper characters.  I was still standoffish about Mac until end of book two beginning of book three.

There are lust undertones all throughout this series. Seriously… all through it. Originally I felt there was a love triangle developing with Jericho, V’lane and Mac… then there was Christian. Everyone this chick meets seems to want a piece of her ass. I figure she is like (who is someone who is really hot right now? Ooh yes…) the Emma Stone of Dublin.

Even up until the end of Dreamfever she is still making absolutely ridiculous choices, you sit there and rage, “WTF woman?! By doing this you are causing this, people are going to get hurt and others are going to have to try and save you!” Yet I am completely compelled to continue reading. I like the character of Dani, she is great. My favourite so far would have to be Dreamfever, you learn so much about the characters and more than that you learn a lot about the character’s motivations, what drives them.

To answer your question before you ask it… yes I continued the series… see next post.

Just so you have a running score I thought I would let you know that the end of this post signifies 46/52 books

I swear November shall come… hopefully before the beginning of 2015 😛


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