Conferences, trains and vampirism

So I have just spent 2 days going to a conference in the city. The conference was great (I might talk about it a little more in another post), the train rides each morning were interesting.

The first day I watched amazed as a woman put on her liquid eyeliner on the train, other make up, sure no worries, but liquid eyeliner? I would blind myself in a heartbeat! Kudos to her though she put in on perfectly (from what I could glance) then promptly fell asleep on a canvas handbag. If I did that I would be blind and have black smudges up my cheek when I woke up. But no, she awoke with a little sleeping beauty-esque stretch and alighted from the train looking like a fierce goddess who really knows how to put on make up. Running though my head was the tune, “maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline” hahaha.

Then today I get on an “express” train to the city that decided to make its own agenda and stop at stations that weren’t advertised, for some reason it also decided to not display that it was stopping at the station I needed (luckily my panic was quickly abated when the guard made an announcement that did include my stop). Then I caught one of my cuticles on something invisible and ripped it, I would take a pic for you, but you would think I was flipping you off. So now I was on a confused, possible runaway train, in pain with my cuticle pumping out my life’s blood (exaggeration, but you know…) with no tissue in sight (I had to vampire it) wearing… a white blouse. I rarely wear white because you know, nephews and nieces… It gets ruined quickly so I had pretty much banished it from my wardrobe, but I like it and I loved this top so I thought it would be great for the conference. So there I am sucking on my finger which luckily wasn’t interpreted as a subtle flip off to other passengers trying to keep it from dripping on me so I don’t end up looking like Carrie at the prom. Then this lady sits next to me… No problem that’s what trains are for right? And I realise it’s raining… Not by looking out the window… Oh no. I chucked a Karen Smith… I knew it was already raining because said lady put her bag inbetween us… It was wet… So I went off to the conference with a wet arse and side plus a bleeding hand.

Wtf karma? What have I ever done to you?


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I work in a Public Library full time as the Reference & Information Services Librarian. It is a full on, busy role with much variety and many challenges and I love it! I love being able to be part of selecting books for our library service too, so amazing!!! I love the idea of thinking about our patrons and what they might enjoy reading. I have strange sometimes very outside the box ideas that I want to try at work, I just need to convince others of how awesome my ideas are. Saving the Library, one awesome plan at a time. Hmm... I need a cape - all the awesome super heroes have a cape! View all posts by DitchTheBun

6 responses to “Conferences, trains and vampirism

  • Claudette

    Glad I don’t have to go to work on trains. Good old car for me. Still i do see ladies doing their makeup when we stop at the lights in the city – what is with that? Why don’t they just get up 10 minutes earlier? Or are they complete show offs! “Yes, I am so fantastic that i can do my makeup in 30 seconds waiting for the light to change”

    • ditchthebun

      I don’t normally have to take a train, I too travel by car. But the conference I went to was in the city and train is the best way to get there.
      I don’t know. I don’t mind doing mine on the train, I figure it is a timesaver in the morning where I could be having coffee 🙂 I don’t think doing it in the car if you are a driver is a good plan at all though. Such a distraction, even if you are stopped at the lights. I will admit I have spent many a time as the passenger doing my make up on the way to somewhere though hahaha.

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