Easter Delights

Hi all! Happy Chocolate Day for tomorrow!

I know a lot of people don’t do gifts for Easter, but my family does. The little ones are easy, I always give them a new set of play clothes or semi good clothes (because they go through them so quick LOL) and a small chocolate. My Dad normally gets a DVD (this year I scored The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies for $15!!) and a small chocolate and Mum’s changes each year. Where I struggle is with my brothers and their partners, one of my brothers is a complainer and has a whinge no matter what you give him (seriously, I am often tempted to give him nothing) and there is only so many times you can repeat the same gift for the others… sour lollies for one brother, peanut M&Ms for his partner and lollies for the whiny brother’s partner.

So this year I was kinda over it and decided to get creative and do something a bit different. So I went shopping and bought 4 masonry jars with lids and straws, I then bought a mix of all the stuff they like and filled the jars. This way I felt that they were all getting a little Easter treat, but also something they could keep and use for awesome beverages 🙂

I then did some Google image searches and found a vintage looking Easter-y pic I liked and created name tags.

The tags I made, the names were written on the reverse side. Sorry I don't remember where I got the image from.

The tags I made, the names were written on the reverse side. Sorry I don’t remember where I got the image from.

All that was left to do was a little dressing with some pretty purple straw packaging I kept from something IT related Hubby got delivered and voila… Easter presents 🙂

The finished product!!!

The finished product!!!

Thinking outside the box and inside the jar hahaha. What Easter creations have you made this year???

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