Let’s get moving

Hi All, I trust you had a great Easter. If you are like me you are possibly suffering some food guilt. I wasn’t as bad as I normally would have been, last year I would have tasted each one of the 4 deserts on offer and followed it up with a coffee, some rocky road and nut clusters. I took a small piece of mudcake and a little bit of trifle, after 3 forkfuls of the cake I couldn’t handle it, I also found the trifle just tasted like alcohol I couldn’t eat the cake part at all and just had some of the jelly and custard. I did eat quite a bit of chocolate over the day though. Last night I ended up with a monster headache, Advil helped, but I have had a low grade headache through today. Before you ask… no, I did not get on the turps hahaha. I also have had very bad heart burn.

I am over this you guys!

My weight has totally plateaued. I have never talked actual figures much here on my blog before and I think it is time. Perhaps writing it up here will make me more accountable or try harder or something. When I was finally diagnosed my weight was 129.9kgs, after a few months of being on Metformin I eventually got down to 122.7kgsΒ and that is what I am today. I go down a bit from this and then back up. I always put weight on before my period and I am at that point now (sorry for the over share) so I am hoping that I am actually lighter than 122.7kgs, but I think that after this weekend it’s probably accurate. My job is very busy, but it is also sedentary for a few hours a day. I have to do more, I have to do something. Losing weight will make me healthier, let me lead a better and longer life not to mention that it will help raise my chances of falling pregnant. I had hoped to get under 220kgs before Easter, but that didn’t happen. That scale did not move at all. So frustrating. My pants and stuff seem to be fitting me better, but at this point I think that might be psychological and perhaps I am just stretching them because I sure am not losing any weight.


I have to do something.

And I have to start somewhere.

I am open to suggestion.

So I found this information on the My Fitness Pal website about a 30 day walking challenge. To be honest this will be hard to pull off because I have a stupid schedule and my fatigue sucks, but I have to do something more that the leg exercises and weights I have been doing.

So I figure I can make time for walking, cardio is something I haven’t been doing a lot of. Perhaps I should also pay more attention to my New Year’s resolution of ‘try something new’ and try to include more active activities πŸ™‚

I have to do something πŸ™‚


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I work in a Public Library full time as the Reference & Information Services Librarian. It is a full on, busy role with much variety and many challenges and I love it! I love being able to be part of selecting books for our library service too, so amazing!!! I love the idea of thinking about our patrons and what they might enjoy reading. I have strange sometimes very outside the box ideas that I want to try at work, I just need to convince others of how awesome my ideas are. Saving the Library, one awesome plan at a time. Hmm... I need a cape - all the awesome super heroes have a cape! View all posts by DitchTheBun

18 responses to “Let’s get moving

  • ivyon

    Happy Easter dear πŸ™‚ I knew you were struggling with weight but you never mentioned it like this… I am sorry you need to feel all of that, but I agree it would be healthier for you to weight less. I was at the other side of the weight “problem”, doctors were asking me if I was anorexic and I really had to reassure them that I was not. Exhausting and embarrassing.
    I have heard about many diets but none is better than realizing that you just have to change your habits which led to that weight. That doesn’t mean it is your fault (nor mine), just that we need(ed) to do something about it. There is a program here led by this nice lady which I honestly don’t know in person, but she makes food and exercise plans for people and the result they have are stunning!
    That being said, i have a normal weight now. Normal by doctors, I was skinny but normal for myself then. And trust me, food had the least to do with it. I relaxed more, I got some support with my health problems and my appetite opened up because of it… Now I have even a 5 kilos “extra” but it is because I don’t lead as active life as I will when my headaches stop. I hope something helped here. πŸ™‚

  • tgotsis13

    You should invest in a Wii and play the sport games. It’s fun and it makes your heart beat faster.

  • Claudette

    I enjoyed the walking/cycling games on the Wii (I am in the same weight range as you), and since I did not have to leave my house to do them it was a lot easier. I would do them absolutely first thing in the morning, as soon as I got up. It did help a bit with the weight, but the best part was that I actually got fitter – not so much puffing and panting. 30 minutes each day (sometimes an hour at the weekend) soon became a habit.
    Sadly I got out of the habit – and now I am paying for it. High cholesterol, thyroid on the brink of packing it in – I know what I need to do, just haven’t done it. I sympathise with you.

  • krazykimmay

    I also really enjoy the Wii sports games. Another favorite is Just Dance! Holy smokes does it get your heart rate going! I also found a 30 day walking challenge that I’m thinking about. It requires you to get a certain amount of steps per day. I know the “ideal” is 10k daily; this challenge starts at 5K and by the end of 30 days has you doing 16K per day. Now that the weather is turning warmer I am definitely thinking about giving it a go!

    And good for you for laying it all out for the world to read! I’ve found that every extra smidgeon of accountability helps me stay focused and on track.

    Good luck getting over this plateau!

  • bhicks321

    Good luck! I wouldn’t try any crash diets. If nothing else maybe do like 30 minute exercises at home before you shower or something. Like set a goal of 50 crunches, squats, 2 1-minute planks, etc. it may not sound like much but it gets you started and you can always increase once you start getting accustomed to it. Trust me, I know how hard it is. Especially with PCOS. there’s actually a book called the PCOS diet my dr had recommended if we didn’t see results with the clomid. It’ll happen for you! Regardless I’m sure you’re beautiful, because I know your personality is! Keep your head up πŸ™‚

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