The Rescue of Johnny Depp


Last night some douche pants left this little prince in the library car park. He survived the night in spite of some terribly cold weather and was found under the bins this morning.

He is now in the capable hands of multiple library staff who are well versed in animal rescue 🙂 Or are really good at Googling.

Naming however has become an issue; our collections manager has started calling him Dewey which let’s face it is pretty awesome. However due to the fact that his natural colouring makes it obvious that he wears eyeliner better than any of us I am calling him Johnny Depp we are also considering Jack Sparrow. I also feel that Johnny Depp would be an appropriate name seeing as though he has captured the hearts of almost all the staff and thus is now a Library celebrity 🙂 He has already made it on to our Instagram account which means he will soon be stealing the hearts of our patrons as well.

Don’t worry about this little one’s future as many of the staff have already put up their hands to house him. The staff member who won out is well versed in raising kittens and has even hand reared them before. He will have a kind and loving home with her and her family I have no doubt.

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4 responses to “The Rescue of Johnny Depp

  • NotAPunkRocker

    Too cute. I am drawing a blank, but the actor who played the Mayor in “The Dark Knight Rises” has eyes that look naturally like he lines them so that maybe an option (if you can find the name). If not, Dewey Depp?

  • swrwade

    What a cute little kitty. I love the name Dewey. It fits perfectly with his beginnings. I am sure whoever takes him will be infinitely blessed.

    • DitchTheBun

      One of the ladies at work has a friend who had gotten a kitten for her daughter, but it got ill and passed away. Dewey went to live with them 🙂 Apparently they are completely smitten and he is very content in his new home which is the best outcome anyone could have hoped for! 🙂

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