Storms! Batten down the hatches!!

I have been pretty quiet lately and I have to apologise, we have been hella busy.

Meanwhile over the past few days Sydney and surrounding areas of NSW have been rocked by massive storms which have caused havoc and sometimes heartbreak in many areas. This morning driving to work as the guy on the radio is telling me that conditions are improving I was squinting to see through the heavy rain with my windscreen wipers on full. I saw something strange looking to the left and though I figured it was more rain, but instinct made me move to the right of my lane. Good thing I did too because a part of the road had erupted outwards and water was shooting out of it… what the hell.

So I finally get to within 100 metresΒ of my work and there is a ton of very brown water across the road, where the hell has that come from? Thinks I. Well it turns out that the old canal that never has water in it (and by never I mean that Council actually grassed the area and kids play in it and families have picnics in it) has flooded and overflowed all through the park and onto the road. I just got into work before the entire road was covered and the police were called to close off the area.

This is about 100m from my work. Pic from the C91.3 website

One side of our car park was also looking decidedly under the weather…

Cat Thomas's photo.

You wouldn’t believe it, but people still parked there!!!

There is a hill running down towards that green fence in the background of the above photo… we now have a creek running through there too πŸ™‚

If you are in Sydney and don’t HAVE to go outside then batten down the hatches, cue up some Netflix and stay indoors people!!!

Meanwhile, can you believe we still had people waiting to get in the Library? I have no idea how they got to our car park when the road was closed… magic πŸ™‚ That is dedication people!


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