So I am feeling a lot better and went back to work today. Still a bit tender in the sinus area and the area has heat coming out of it, but I am much better than I was that is for sure!

Over this period of illness I have learnt some things. I have learnt that I like to be left completely alone most of the time I am sick and I have learnt that my personality changes when I am sick and apparently my sick personality has weaknesses when it comes to addiction…

Here’s how my Netflix experience went over the course of my sickness…

Step 1: Thursday morning:

penny step one
Step 2: Thursday afternoon:

step 2

Step 3: Friday…

Penny addiction

Step 4: Saturday…


Netflix is a wonderful and dangerous invention… beware 🙂 The funny thing was that I wasn’t even that interested in the show, infact there were times it annoyed the hell out of me, but every time an episode ended the next one just automatically began. IT JUST BEGAN argh!! It was interesting to see actors I knew (including some Aussie ones) pop up during some episodes. Who knew that Stephen Amell (AKA Oliver Queen in The Arrow series) was once a wannabe alpha wolf named Brady? I think I am making excuses now. Sigh… it’s trying to suck me back in.

One thing I will say I have been loving Netflix for is the ability to turn on what you want for the kiddies. My nieces and nephews drop over all the time with their parents and it is nice to be able to flick it on and find a movie or TV show within minutes that you are happy for them to watch and click play. Seriously it’s a lifesaver sometimes 🙂

Tell me of your worst Netflix binge 🙂


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16 responses to “Netflix

  • EmilyMaine

    Ooooooo I am just getting sucked in by House of Cards. Supposed to be “working” at home today…that has involved watching 3 eps of the series so far. Arrrgghhh

  • libraryowl33

    I watched 10 episodes of Gilmore Girls this weekend. Not sure if this is my worst binge, but it’s definitely in the top 5.

    • DitchTheBun

      That’s impressive. I am not sure how many Vampire Diaries eps I watch, to be fair I slept through some as I was sick so I don’t know how many I should count. Over the 4 days it would definitely be more than 10 because I had it on a LOT hahaha. I have no shame or regrets about this though 🙂

  • yearningformotherhood

    Librarians aren’t meant to give in to things like Netflix!! What’s this about!??

    • DitchTheBun

      Well my Mum is the Librarian, my Dad is the Movie buff… I got the best of both worlds.
      Librarians are HUGE nerds when it comes to TV shows. The most common ones I have come across (obsession-wise) are Dr. Who (seems to be the big winner), Joss Whedon’s body of work seems to be a close second. Also the Stargate franchise. I am a sci-fi girl and am all about Whedon and most of Stargate 🙂
      A couple of years ago we did a Dr. Who exhibition in the Library, it was massive and it was made up solely by the personal collections of 2-3 Librarians… insane!!!!

  • Amy M.

    I do NOT have a Netflix account, for this very reason! I have so many shows that I record on my DVR, I just can’t even imagine what I would be like if I was unleashed on that kind of resource lol!

    • DitchTheBun

      It is certainly a force to be reckoned with. But I think part of it is that I haven’t experience the ability to just go browse and choose whatever show I want and watch it right then and not have to wait until it comes on (unless I own it on DVD). What can I say… it is a seductive piece of technology. 🙂

  • bhicks321

    Hemlock Grove and Orange is the New Black are my worst binges. I love those shows, so it’s not the worst because of the shows themselves but because I’ll sit there for hours upon hours. Show wise being the worst is Gilmore Girls, or if hubby or stepdaughter has the remote it goes to American Dad – which gets old REAL quick.

  • Am I Thirty?

    I got on the Breaking Bad train very late. I started watching the show on Netflix after the last season was added. I watched all five seasons in a week. I even missed work one day because I could not stop watching.

    I’m also pretty bad with Orange is the New Black. When the second season was added to Netflix, I told myself I was gonna take my time watching. That didn’t last long at all. Netflix just makes it too easy by having the next episode start automatically.

  • krazykimmay

    If left on my own, I will binge for hours on end…especially if there’s eye candy lol. I went through 9 seasons of Supernatural in almost no time flat!

    I can’t wait for the new episodes of Orange is the New Black on the 12th!!!! It’s my favorite guilty pleasure.

    • DitchTheBun

      Ooh I didn’t know Supernatural was on there. Dammit… I can see where this is going hahaha.
      It’s so bad. I am thinking I shall move my treadmill in there and force myself to do some walking whilst watching so I don’t feel so guilty… we’ll see if that comes to fruition though. 🙂

  • Katie

    Gossip Girl, House of Cards and OITNB. Save me…. but not really 😉

    • DitchTheBun

      Okay, don’t hate me, but I have seen none of these 🙂 I’m into Weeds at the moment, how did I miss that show when it was on? Funny! What can I say, my colleagues have a bad influence on me 🙂

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