Déjà vu clients

Recently I seem to be having a lot of deja vu clients and it’s starting to make me feel insecure!

What is a deja vu client?

A deja vu client is someone who comes into the library (or whatever workplace you are in) and asks a question. You look at the client and figure out either immediately or partway through the answer that not only have you answered this question before, but you have answered this question to this EXACT person.

This seems to happen most with scanning, photocopying and printing. Even though I make the client do it each time and just verbally guide them AND show them the instructions hanging on the wall NEXT TO THE PHOTOCOPIER/PRINTER/SCANNER and they come in ALL THE TIME they just can’t seem to remember how to do it.

There is a gentleman that comes in who can never connect his WiFi, I don’t know what he does to his computer at home, but everytime he comes there are issues connecting. I have helped him twice. Both times he has said to me, “I don’t think you know enough, you need to get someone else” and both times I have said to him, “sir, there is only one person in the whole Library service with more IT knowledge than me and she is unavailable” (in my mind I added “jerk off” to make myself feel better). This same gentleman has asked me twice how to save pictures from an email and get this… it was the same damn picture each time (SIGH!). The first time I showed him how as soon as we pressed ‘save as’ his picture library came up with some pretty graphic close ups of lady parts, I turned away and said I couldn’t help him with that on there and he seemed embarrassed. The second time I was wiser and said to him, “remember we have done this before” he said we hadn’t and when he brought up the picture I said, “yes, see this is the same picture we saved last time and remember when you pressed save some inappropriate photos came up. If they come up again I will walk away” he looked at me and then said, “oh, okay, I will delete them”.

Just today I had a lady ask me how to scan documents, I looked at her and knew we have had this conversation before. I told her she needed a USB and she said she didn’t have one. I let her know that the machine will only scan to a USB and she asked if she could borrow one, I said we didn’t have any to borrow, but she could buy one at the front desk for $10. She said too expensive so I suggested she walk down the road to Kmart because they have cheaper ones there. I felt like a robot during this discussion, we have literally had this EXACT conversation before. I remember her because she has some cool tattoos. Cool tattoos yes, but I think she needs a remembrall!

Remembrall-nevilleDoes anyone else have this happen with their clients regularly? I am not sure having the ‘you need to be quiet in the quiet study area’ really counts does it? If it does then I have an epidemic on my hands hahaha.


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17 responses to “Déjà vu clients

  • bhicks321

    When I was at work I had multiple customers calling month after month, some even sooner, that did this quite frequently. “Oh you don’t remember setting up your payment arrangement just last month? Oh you forgot and that’s why it wasn’t kept?” Or any multitude of similar scenarios. It gets so frustrating. I didn’t realize there were that many people in the world that have amnesia. I’d say Alzheimer’s, but usually it’s younger people.

    Rememberall = awesome.

  • purpleslobinrecovery

    I taught Kindergarten. I’m sure I don’t have to spell out my daily hell.

  • EmilyMaine

    OMG that man and the photos! It’s almost like he is there doing this whole thing deliberately so he can be a weirdo perv and show you the gross photos.

    • DitchTheBun

      I know right?! I thought the exact same thing. He is creepy and he put his arm on the back of my chair while I was helping him. I know he is married because he has come in with his wife before. Oh and THEN he asked me to show him how to delete all of the history from his computer… I was like… ‘umm okay, sure’. I am pretty sure he is hiding his dirty habits from his wife!
      Oh and I forgot to mention that the photo he wanted me to save was of him and he got me to help him send it to some girls he had been emailing… so gross!

  • tinakmeyer

    I teach, so a definite yes lol.

  • My Perfect Breakdown

    I don’t think I would have been too impressed with that man and his photos!!

  • Amy M.

    We have some people like that at work, but normally they are older people. Sometimes we feel like we repeat ourselves over, and over, and over. We also get those people who will ask you the same question, but word it differently to try to get a different answer out of you. So frustrating!

    • DitchTheBun

      The first type don’t really bother me too much to be honest because I understand that they honestly do not recall the conversation. The second type annoy me though. Especially if they are trying to trip you up so they can get access to something. Like Reference computers, someone asked to use them and I asked if they were doing research and they wanted to use Facebook so I said that they would need to wait for the public computers for that (none were available for a couple of hours) because that’s not what the reference computers are for and they just kept asking me over and over things like “what if I only use it for 5 mins out of 30, can I do it then?” or “so you are telling me that no one has ever looked at Facebook on these computers”. So annoying 🙂

  • RavenclawSam

    I love the fact that you’ve added a picture of the Remembrall to this post 😀

    I have nominated you for the 3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge, the details of which are here:

    I hope you enjoy doing it! 🙂

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