Trigger time

I went back for more bloods and an ultrasound yesterday. Had some follicles in the 18mm range and a bunch around 14, 15 and 16. Lefty was an over achiever with 14 follicles.

Low and behold I get a phone call telling me that I need to stay up until 1am Thursday morning and trigger for harvesting on Friday.

It’s now Thursday night and I can’t stop thinking about the fact that tomorrow hopefully we are creating an embryo. With any luck in 5 days we will have a couple of frosties that I will one day give birth to.

That is an amazing concept to me. I tried to explain this to Hubby, but he didn’t really get it. His response was pretty much that it was all science. Sigh… men.

Whilst I am very excited I am a bit apprehensive about the procedure and also scared that they will not get enough eggs, or something will be wrong with them, or the fertilised ones won’t make it to day 5 and be good enough.

So much to be worried about and basically none of it is in my control.

If you have time to spare a thought for me tomorrow I would truly appreciate it.


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