Transfer day

Well, good news. Embie is on board. Procedure went well. When we got in there the embryo had actually started hatching which was really cool to see. The first transfer attempt the embryo actually stuck to the catheter. The second attempt it went in. The doc and scientist said it was a sticky and stubborn embryo. I bet they say that to all the girls.

We also got a sibling to PGD test and freeze. Unfortunately the others didn’t develop the way they would like.

So I guess that means that I am currently PUPO haha waited a long time to use that term lol.

The procedure was Wednesday abs today’s Friday. I apologise for the lack of update, but I have had some net issues and I woke up with a flu like virus Thursday.

The virus is freaking me out. I am worried it could affect the bubs.

I have had some cramping today which I am hoping are signs of implantation. Fingers are crossed.

I had a dream yesterday that we had a perfect little man. However Channing Tatum was in it too so I doubt it is prophetic by any means ā˜ŗ

We get the blood test on the 23rd May. So many things crossed, many prayers said. Don’t honestly know if I will make it all the way before peeing on a stick haha. Do any of us though? ā˜ŗ


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15 responses to “Transfer day

  • dubliner in deutschland

    Glad to hear transfer went well. Hope the two week wait doesn’t drag. Stick little embryo, stick!

  • My Perfect Breakdown

    Sending love and sticky hopes!! šŸ˜Š

  • amybee1000

    Good luck, good luck, good luck! I’m visualising burrowing šŸ˜‰ Take great care. xx

  • EmilyMaine

    Eeeeeeep! Super exciting. A hatching embie is a great sign btw. You couldn’t hope for a better outcome. And one on ice too. That’s pretty awesome. Here’s to a speedy wait until test day xxx

  • Amy M.

    Ours was hatching already on transfer day as well, and I had a strong feeling of it working and being a girl and that came true…so I feel like all these things are good signs for you!! They like hatching embies for transfer because I guess there is less work to happen once inside you. So yay!! And hooray for a sibling to freeze!!! I hope the next couple weeks go so fast for you! Just be careful testing too early since this was a fresh…you want to make sure your trigger is completely out of your system and not giving you a “false” positive. When we did our IUI I used the WondFos for this…tracked the trigger leaving my system so if I got a positive after that I would know it was real. Anyway, sending you lots of sticky emby vibes and so much positivity and love!!!

    • DitchTheBun

      I remembered that your bubs was hatching too and hoped that was a good sign. I have has some cramping and way overshare, but my nipples are way tender to the point of feeling bruised. Is that a good sign because if not then I think I should go to a doc. I’ve also had some lower back pain today. I am reading so much into everything that could possibly be a sign that this had worked.
      Thanks for the vibes xx

      • Amy M.

        I never had cramping, but my boobs/nips hurt a lot and I think a week or so after FET I started having bad lower back pain. That started just after I got the few barely squinters and I was convinced it didn’t work. A coworker convinced me that low back pain was a sign of pregnancy, so I tested and that’s the day I got that bright line. Not trying to drive you more nuts, just telling you how it went for me! Still sending positive vibes!!!

  • mn6363

    Horray! I’m so glad it went well!!! Sending love and baby dust your way!

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