All over red rover?

I am mostly over my flu/virus thing, but still tired a great amount of the time. I am also hungry a lot. I have been making an effort to cook proper dinners and have better foods at work which is always a good thing.

Over share time.

This morning I woke up to some bleeding. Not a lot. Pinkish. I haven’t had anymore since this morning. If it is AF then that bitch is early, like, a lot early… 5 days. I don’t think I have ever got AF early in my life. Now is not a good time to start.

The clinic happened to call this morning to see how I was dealing with the waiting period, it was the lovely UK nurse. I let her know about the bleeding and that the symptoms that I have been having seem to have dissipated. She said that it didn’t necessarily mean that the cycle had failed and this sort of thing did happen commonly. She then suggested I come in Saturday morning and have my beta test instead of waiting for Monday. I jumped at the chance because it means that I am not going to get the news in the middle of my work day on Monday which works SO much better for me.

Everything started so well, but I just have this feeling that this one hasn’t worked. I am waiting for this realisation to really hit home. I am guessing that will be about .25 seconds after I get home tonight.

I know that the cycle technically isn’t a complete write off yet, but sometimes you just know these things about your body right? Something doesn’t feel right about it. To be honest if it were 5 days from now I would assume I was getting AF.

Feeling a little sad panda, but positive Polly will find her way back I am sure.


I would love to hear about your experiences. Was your first transfer successful?


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11 responses to “All over red rover?

  • EmilyMaine

    Oh hon I am sorry you are feeling like this transfer hasn’t worked. It totally blows 😦 Lovely of that nurse to let you come in early and also to call and check on you. So nice! I hope you are wrong and it is implantation bleeding instead X

    • DitchTheBun

      Thanks hun.
      She is lovely. It’s possible that I am being overly emotional and this process is breaking me more than I thought. I think that’s what hubby thinks.
      I will try to be positive. Hard though as I’m sure you know.

  • dubliner in deutschland

    Oh I’m sorry. But maybe it could be implantation bleeding. My first transfer ended in a chemical at 5 weeks. I hope your hcg value is good.

  • Caroline

    How many days past transfer are you? I had some bleeding with both pregnancies and felt like AF would start full on any second with both. With our failed cycles I honestly just felt nothing. Try and relax and not give up hope. I know it’s hard, but fingers crossed for Saturday!

    • DitchTheBun

      I’m on day 8. Thank you for telling me that. It gives me hope ☺ It is very hard, but I know you know what I am going through and I very much appreciate the support x

  • aliased

    That could be implantation bleeding! Do you have cramps etc? I had pretty bad cramps and lower back aches after my transfer. Have you taken a hpt btw?

  • Amy M.

    You shouldn’t count yourself out yet!! Pregnancy symptoms come and go every single day. You could very well have been having implantation bleeding, so don’t freak out! I had implantation bleeding with my first pregnancy. Keep believing!!! Do you think you will test at home at all? Good luck with your betas, can’t wait to hear how they go!!

  • inthebabycloset

    My first transfer didn’t work, but the second did! With my successful transfer I totally felt like I was about to get my period. No symptoms at all aside from cramps, which really felt like period cramps. I really didn’t have many early symptoms at all even in the few weeks after my BFP so hang in there! Fingers are majorly crossed for implantation bleeding.

  • jcbellphotography

    Checking in on you! How are you doing?

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