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Movie review: Mad Max: Fury Road

WARNING: Some Spoilers 🙂

The other night Mr. T. and I decided we would head off to the movies. The original plan was to see Avengers: Age of Ultron, but when we got to the cinemas there was approximately 30 10-year-olds there for someone’s birthday screaming, “ULTRON! ULTRON! ULTRON!” and running around the place like maniacs wrestling each other and climbing over things. There weren’t many parents there, maybe 1 to every 5-6 kids and it was pandemonium. Seriously it was as if they were trying to control the dwarf army from the Hobbit, just not going to happen!

So we did what any sane person would do, we went for a walk for half an hour and saw Mad Max: Fury Road instead 🙂

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As a proud Aussie I am all about supporting Australian cinema… even if it by definition sucks hahaha. Luckily this did not. I have always wanted to see the orginal movies in the series, but the opportunity has just never come up. Can you believe it has been 30 years since the last installment? I am so glad they didn’t try to bring ole Mel back.

Going into this I honestly didn’t know too much about the plot. From the trailer I gathered there was a dude named Max who had something to do with Charlize Theron and there would be a LOT of explosions. Turns out I was right, but there was a lot more to it than that obviously.

Let’s talk about performances first.

Max is played by Tom Hardy who I haven’t encountered a lot for one reason or another. He does a great job as the character of Max, I know I said before that I haven’t seen the other movies, but he kind of embodies what I imagine Mel would have done with the role with the obligatory head cocks and the “Mmm”‘s 🙂 Physically he is very capable in the role and I must apologise to him because I said to Mr. T. that if they wanted to get any more Mad Max movies out of him they would have to hurry up or he would get on in age, because of the grittiness of the movie I took him to be mid-forties when the poor sot is only 37… sorry buddy… can I blame it on all the dirt and mud?

Charlize as Imperator Furiosa just kicks some serious ass. She was a perfect choice for this role and for me physically was reminiscent of Ripley circa Alien 3 with some of the amazeballs moves from Alien Resurrection. If I looked that badass in a grease paint mask I would rock it everyday 🙂 (I did think that if you really put that on your head and face and went into the desert you would probably get some serious burns, but it’s a fashion choice hahaha). Man this lady is great with showing emotion in every little part of her face and body. Loved her performance.

Nicholas Hoult was a nice surprise I didn’t anticipate as the war boy Nux, I was reminded a little of his portrayal of “R” from “Warm Bodies”, but a lot of that could have been the make up. I really liked this character and his development throughout the film, he was probably the character who experienced the most change within the actual time space of the film and it was very interesting to watch. The war boys are some crazy characters that is for sure.

Shout out to some other characters:

Josh Helman as Slit was unrecognisable, I seriously did not recognise him at all.
I rated Nathan Jones as Rictus Erectus (seriously what is with the character names) – I liked that they didn’t make his character all about bashing and wrestling – I mean there was plenty of that, but there was more to the character as well.
I loved Zoë Kravitz in this movie, but then I am just a fan of hers in general so what can I say 🙂
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was great, took me a little while to recognise her as being from Transformers, but give me a break people this thing was super fast paced! Numerous times in the film Riley Keough reminded me of a young Drew Barrymore, Mr. T. agreed, but maybe it was just us. Abbey Lee, hmm… to be honest this character annoyed me until right at the end, she sounded like when people overact pretending to be bogan. Courtney Eaton, where did you come from? I have never heard of her and here she is a main character in a major movie?! Wow, you go girl.
John Howard… oh John Howard… how could you?! I am a fan of John, but I was so distracted by the fact his nipples were showing and had a chain running between them to notice his acting whenever he was on screen, it didn’t help that he often stroked them too *shudders* bad Johnny!

The explosions were awesome, the frankenstein-like vehicles were amazeballs. The effects were really great and the pace was cheetah fast, but along with all the action there were some seriously emotional and poignant moments which didn’t at all feel out of place so I was impressed. I found it interesting that considering it was a “Mad Max” film his involvement was secondary to the film, in fact the majority of what occured in the movie would have happened even if he was never in it (except right towards the end). For the first 20+ minutes of the movie he is basically a background character which I found very different and interesting. I also liked that an explosive smash and grab had at the core of it a feminist theme, I found that quite cool and completely unexpected.

Now for some negative points…

b055071008f65d1b70343194416083f19e9ece45What the hell was with the random war boy playing war guitar on the front of a rig? No wonder they have no resources if they waste half their war party on an entourage!

I also had a major issue with the fact that the characters on the rigs were climbing all over the place hugging and holding onto air exhausts etc. Oh, and the fact that they were doing repairs whilst driving? To the engine? Umm, no! I do also wish more of it could have been filmed in Oz like the originals, but apparently our desert is too green now or something?

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