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Man, I am sooo tired this week. I feel like I need to nap all the time. This PCOS & IR stuff is balls for your social life that’s for sure haha. I finish work and get home and it seriously feels like a massive chore just to put together a decent meal.

Then naturally as the week goes on the fatigue gets worse and so I make worse choices for dinner. My inner monologue the other night kinda went like this:

If I was a good daughter/wife I would cook up some Salmon with a beautiful walnut salad for everyone. Yeah… but god damn I am so tired and I would have to go down to the fish market and to the supermarket to get the stuff for the salad. Hmm… maybe there is some chicken breast frozen in the freezer… there isn’t, but there is leftover crumbed fish and chicken pies. Mmm chicken pies… that would only take a few minutes of prep then I just have to wait for it to cook. Yeah let’s do that. Woohoo dinner sorted. THE END.

Yeah, not the best. The problem is the naughtier you eat the worse you will feel each day. Because it is an evil freaking cycle that we put ourselves into. I will fully admit the fault is mine. I have to figure out a way to cope with this fatigue so that I can exercise and eat healthier, I just have to.

You know it is true!!!

My new job is not far from the mall, one bonus of this is that I can walk to the mall during my hour lunch and buy the stuff I will need for dinner. So I have started doing this. I also try to avoid the naughty rows of the supermarket whilst there. Sometimes I will go with other people so I am guilted into buying the right kinds of things hahaha. Pathetic I know, but it works so well.

I know that I need to overhaul my eating habits again because whilst some of the changes I have made are now habit, I am starting to slip on other ones. Luckily I am not working this weekend so I am hoping I can work on a plan then. I know that pre-planning (and not buying sh*tty food) in the first instance is the best way forward for me. I think I will have to schedule meal planning time of a weekend.

I am also trying to link in my News Years Resolution of trying something new to a healthier lifestyle. Coming soon will be Shepherd’s Pie with cauliflower mash instead of potato and perhaps even making my own hummus – LOVE HUMMUS 🙂

What new things have you tried on your journey to a healthier lifestyle? Good or bad, I would love to hear about it!