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Good news day

Hi there everybody,

I am a happy chappy today because I had a great visit with the fertility specialist. I know, I know… previously I was all ready to jump ship on this guy, but I decided to stick it out and this time he was much more personable. I had only lost a kilo, but he was still happy with that. He also gave me the good news that I ovulated last month! Huzzah! Something works! Something works without medical intervention and drugs that make you go all cray cray! This is such good news. I told my Husband that I wanted to high five my ovaries for a job well done, he looked at me like I had sprouted an extra head.

But wait… there’s more… When I was first put on Metformin approximately 3 months ago(ish) my Insulin level was 57. For those of you reading who do not have much experience in this area (Don’t be worried if you don’t. I had no clue what it meant when they first told me) the normal human being has a level of 10 or under. Therefore I was more than 5 times the maximum amount I should have been. Well… my level is now 21!!!!! I have managed to bring it down 36 points! That’s huge! So, so happy. Even though I am not pregnant for Christmas, my health is in a much better position now than it was just 3 months ago. To be honest I think that is more important, I mean who wants to inhabit a womb surrounded by an unhealthy body?

I also got the results of my second scan that was checking out cysts on my ovaries to ensure they had shrunk etc. They also checked for endometriosis… again. Once again the sonographer (a different one I swear) kept telling me was a nice uterus I had, she said it was perfectly placed, perfect in size and looked very healthy. Is this weird? Should I be weirded out by this? I mean it’s not like complementing someone on their hair and asking where they had it done right? “I love your womb, where did you get it?”, “umm my Mum?!”. She said she had a very clear picture of it… I asked her if she could see the for rent sign.


Merry Christmas! 🙂


The day I broke up with popcorn

It was yesterday. As of last night popcorn and I have officially broken up. It is very unlikely that another morsel of that salty, buttery goodness will ever pass my lips again – don’t quote me on this though because I have serious will issues when it comes to food.

Popcorn and I did not meet often, just on those rare occasions that I go to see a film – I think that equates to maybe 3 or 4 times this year. I certainly relished those meetings, they were special. Come film time my order was always the same; popcorn, choctop, drink… the perfect movie watching combination. But it was not meant to be…

Last night I went on a Daddy Daughter Date to see Mockingjay, the film was great! Casting of these movies was so well done I must say and they are staying as true to the books as they can – it probably helps that the writer is onboard. Even a conversation from the second books that I was upset didn’t make it into the second movie found its way into the third. We had the whole experience; the popcorn was semi warm, the choctop was semi melted and a bit icy and the drink was a little on the syrupy side… it was everything I have come to expect from Event Cinemas in a nutshell (basically we only go there because there are never any lines because they are so dodgy and expensive hahaha).

This was the first time I have had popcorn since going on Metformin… it did not end well. Looooonnnnnnngggggg story short I spent a lot of time after the movie last night with horrible stomache aches that had me in a foetal position. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to throw up or visit the loo for the popcorn to meet a different end. This morning the stomach aches have abated somewhat, but the cramping is still there. I am hoping it calms down at work. Naturally this had to happen the day that we have the work Christmas party and therefore there will be rich enticing food available from 10:30am until close. Sigh. *sings to herself* “Have yourself a merry little Christmas” *sniffles*

And so dear popcorn, whilst I have loved you since my first ever film experience and have purchased you every visit since (even when I knew you were going to taste like the communion wafers from Church) I am sorry to say we must part ways. I wish you well on your other gastronomical adventures and this does not mean that I like you any less, but I fear my gut reaction is that we must part and my Grandfather taught me to always trust my gut.


Do you ever feel like you are bashing against an endless wall of incompetent medical babble desperate for some real help?

Yup, just like this! Source: http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/banging-head

I have felt like this for at least a year. Hubby and I have been trying for a baby since NYE 2011; about 20 months ago I convinced him that we needed to seek further help. It has taken than long and a barrage of tests, most of them blood tests, checking a whole range of stuff and several different doctors for me to finally find one that listened to me.

I went to this new Doctor a couple of weeks ago and told him straight, “we can’t conceive, please help us” we:

  • Stopped using birth control immediately
  • Have been eating well
  • Well “I” have been taking pre-pregnancy vitamins
  • Haven’t been drinking and neither of us do drugs
  • Have figured out my cycle
  • Avoid the positions where semen is not encouraged to travel towards the uterus
  • Have had Hubster checked out
  • Have been exercising
  • Have not killed the million people who told us to relax

Here are the conception techniques we have tried:

  • Charting body temperature
  • Sperm meets egg
  • Mucus investigation
  • “Laying low” after sex
  • Combination of all of the above
Sperm meets Egg

Sperm meets Egg

In spite of all of this I am still not pregnant and have been putting on weight pretty steadily.

He took me really seriously, he believed me when I said that I didn’t seem to be able to get my weight in check (we are talking about a lot of weight guys!) even though I am exercising for around an hour every second day! He immediately sent me for bloods (AGAIN), but this time he was checking EVERYTHING – this was something I had asked other Doctors for several times, but apparently they didn’t actually do it. I also demanded a referral to a Gyno who specialises in fertility issues and he gave me that, I see her this Friday.

I went back for the results of my bloods yesterday and he informed me that I did not have PCOS (quite relieved), but my insulin level was scary high and I had to go on medication immediately. I mean seriously scary high you guys, people are supposed to max out at 10… I am freaking 57!!! [He was also pretty unimpressed that when I had gone to see Dr. Evil a little while back he had not put me on medication immediately – more evidence of his large douche factor!]

He explained Insulin resistance to me and all of the symptoms I have been suffering for many months are on the list;

  • Intestinal bloating
  • Fatigue
  • Increased appetite
  • Inability to focus
  • Weight gain, difficulty losing weight
  • Increased blood pressure – this is only very recently
  • Depression

He immediately put me on Metformin 500mgs, this should not only help with the Insulin resistance which in turn will help with weight loss, but it should also aid conception.

I certainly feel like the other docs over the last 18 months have seriously wasted my time and health. If they had have been as thorough as I asked them to 10kgs ago I wouldn’t be in such a scary position now!!!

But I can see some sunlight slipping through the clouds at last 🙂