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Social Bookmarking Tools – Delicious

Social bookmarking is an increasingly popular form of social networking technology, eBiz has compiled a list of the 15 most popular social bookmarking sites. Number seven on this list is Delicious (eBiz, 2012), this company was founded in 2003 and initially I was a heavy user of it. However, in 2011 it was bought by a company called AVOS and was completely rebuilt (Delicious, 2012) I did not find the new platform pleasing or as useful for my purposes so I stopped using it.

In particular I find the search function clunky, you are not able to easily seek for a particular user. If you know the particular ‘tag’ you wish to search under you can enter this or random search using keywords. If you were searching in general for subjects of interest it is much more user friendly, but when seeking specific channels or stacks it can be frustrating. If you find something you like, make sure you tag it then and there as you may not be able to find it again.

Having returned to this after a couple of years not using it, my initial thoughts on the new layout was that it seemed reminiscent of Pinterest.

After having played with a few different social bookmarking sites I do prefer the interface of Flickr…

I will be using delicious for the duration of this session for INF206 as a storage place for information I feel is relevant or useful to the subject and my understanding of it. This would be a good tool for a compilation by numerous people around topic areas, it would also be a useful place to save links if you were collaborating or had a group project. With the ability to tag and write a summary on each link this enables the contributor to write notes as to where the link fits in with their research. Teaching wise depending on the age of the student it could be a great tool. For younger kids you could ask them to locate and tag links around a topic area – it could be a good introductive tool to the web and web 2.0 technologies for younger children.

Following is a great video entitled, “Social bookmarking in plain English, for the rest of us”, this video is from 2009 so is based on the old delicious website. However it is still a great video which explains really well what social bookmarking is, how it works and also talks about ways it can be used in education as well as networking.


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