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Social Networking

What is ‘Social Networking’?

The commonly accepted definition of social networking has changed, when I was growing up it referred to catching up with friends and/or making new ones, these days the definition has been revised and the most common association is with online social networking tools that allow communication across many mediums. People may share conversations, information, pictures, collaborate, catch up with old friends and make new ones in any corner of the world where the person has an internet connection, (Burke, 2009, p. 155: O’Reilly, 2005: Wikipedia, 2012). If I was only allowed three words to describe social networking I would say ‘user generated content’.

Here’s a fun little video about the different types of social networking and how we get wrapped up in them.

Social Networking I have used

I have had what I believe is a pretty decent exposure to social networking technologies and either use or have used the following:

    • Bebo – professional
    • Blogs – blogger and wordpress – personal and study
    • Etherpad – professional and study
    • Facebook – personal and professional
    • Flickr – personal and professional
    • Googledocs – personal, professional and study
    • Linked In – professional
    • MMORPGS – personal
    • Myspace – personal and professional
    • Social bookmarking – delicious
    • Twitter – personal, professional and study
    • Video sharing – You tube
    • Virtual worlds – second life – study
    • Wikipedia – personal, professional and study
    • Wikis – variety of platforms – professional and study
    • Yammer – professional
Wordle: Social Networking

Social networking tools I use

What I hope to learn

In today’s world of constantly evolving technology I believe a comprehensive understanding of social networking technology is important both as a general user and as an information professional. Whilst I would consider my exposure to these technologies broader than most people in general, I certainly do not have expertise in their use. I believe the work of information professionals will continue to expand in this arena and I hope this subject will bring me up to date with the current trends in social networking as well as provide me with the skills and understanding to embrace and understand technologies which may emerge in the future.


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