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52 Books in 52 weeks – September

So sorry this is running so late everyone. I know, I know, naughty me, but I have been somewhat distracted for the last while so I haven’t got around to this.

Here is the list 🙂

Number Title Author
36 –

Sep 1-7

Unhinged Howard, A.G.
37 –

Sep 8-14

Royal Exile – Valisar Trilogy McIntosh, Fiona
38 –

Sep 15-21

A Tyrant’s Blood – Valisar Trilogy McIntosh, Fiona
39 –

Sep 22-28

King’s Wrath – Valisar Trilogy McIntosh, Fiona

I had the BEST month of reading!!!


Unhinged – A.G. Howard

Does the author sound familiar? Perhaps that is because I read Howard’s first title in this series “Splintered” last month, yup turns out that this is a series. The second book I enjoyed not quite as much as the first, this time most of the book is set in the real world. The storyline is well worked out and written and once again I adored the character or Morpheus. However where with the first book you could have easily read it and then not have to go on to the second, that is not possible with the second as it has a massive cliff-hanger… dammit!


Valisar Trilogy – Fiona McIntosh

Okay I suppose I should preface this review by saying that I am a huge fan of Fiona McIntosh’s work (except that Myrren’s Gift series, I just cannot get into that series – have tried 3 times now haha). For years her Trinity series were my favourite books, I adored the Percheron series and now this series… well…

The characters were great, I think the development and depth to Loethar was my favourite. I have to say though that across all three books there was quite a bit of “consuming” in general. For the most part it was vital to the plot though so I could overlook it, I guess you could say it was needfully bloodthirsty 🙂 Very well done though, strangely the only time it really grossed me out was when they were “consuming” hair and nails – please don’t ask me to explain why I find this grosser than general human eating because I do not have any kind of reasonable response to that.

Some of the plot lines I got, but not all of them – I always love when that happens. There were a couple of nice twists in the final book. To have to understand the development etc. with Leo I think I would have to read it again because I am unsure as to what happened here honestly – which I am aware is a vague critique, but I am trying to avoid spoilers 🙂 I really liked the character Kilt Faris (who was pretty much Robin Hood right?) until right towards the end of the final book, I guess the whole love at first sight thing is plausible and all, but I just didn’t really buy it and the whole “consuming” thing… oh just not going there.

Let’s go back to my short and sweet reviews shall we… Love Fiona McIntosh. Loved this trilogy even though there were some things I would pick on from it 🙂 If you love good fantasy then give this a whirl! Please note that this is definitely a book aimed at adults. Although to be honest if your tween got through the Hunger Games they should be fine, read it yourself first 🙂

And so we go into October (well technically we are almost done with October, but shhh)… so many books… so little time.