House update

We have progress! Progress you guys, PROGRESS! Can you believe it?!?!?!?! I almost can’t. In fact as soon as they rang us and said they had done something I said we had to go for a drive because I couldn’t believe it.

So the Friday before last we went to see our organised dirt…

Organised dirt woohoo!

Organised dirt woohoo!

Then the following Monday Hubby got the all clear from the specialist to ride his bike again and Tuesday morning promptly took off for a jaunt down to the lot and back and low and behold what did he find???



Slab party everyone… slab party hahaha.

Can’t believe we finally have movement on this 🙂 I finally feel able to have some excitement about our soon to be new home! Our first real home together 🙂


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26 responses to “House update

  • beanie

    It’s BEAUTIFUL! 😉

    I totally remember how it feels! We were delayed over a year before our house was ready… But once they get going, the house goes up fast. Before you know it, you’ll be moving in!

    So happy for you both! And to read an update!!

    Ps- it’s so weird to see a house without a basement lol

    • DitchTheBun

      Thank you! She’s a nice slab of concrete isn’t she lol.
      Hahaha I know right, it is weird for me to always see houses being built in other countries where a basement is the norm. I fear if we had a basement though things would go in there and they would never be seen again, we would totally have a black hole basement. An attic on the other hand ahh I have always wanted an attic Library 🙂

      • beanie

        I’ve always wanted an attic that was made into a room. Then I read “Flowers in the Attic”….

        Our basement does have a lot of crap in it but the garage is worse lol. Eventually we will finish the basement into a nice rec room or play room or something…

        Do you know how long until you move in?

        • DitchTheBun

          Oh. My. God. I have never read that book so I wikipedia’d it… Oh. My. God. Why do I always learn something fascinating yet disturbing from you hahaha.
          We think it will be next April at this stage.

          • beanie

            Lol, it’s true! I do always give you disturbing information!

            April is t bad… It rains a lot here during the April to June months… Not sure what it’s like there? Either way, just a few months to go!!

          • beanie

            Ughhhhhhhh I meant April ISNT bad

          • DitchTheBun

            April here is just at the very start of winter which isn’t the best time for planting (although money-wise it is pretty good) and it is a great time to buy stuff to build a deck because people don’t build in winter so all the materials are really cheap!

  • bhicks321

    It looks totally amazing so far! And such a great view!!

  • My Perfect Breakdown

    It is so exciting to see the progress!!

  • Claudette

    happy for you, it’s always exciting to get the building started. Then you only have all those choices to make about carpet, vinyl, tiles, furnishings, paint, curtains, etc, etc, 🙂

    • DitchTheBun

      Haha funnily enough we made all those choices over a year ago. For some reason we had to make all the decisions before they started on the place, something to do with making sure they had all the stock etc. to avoid delays. We will probably do some of our own painting when we get in there and we are doing plantation shutters on some of the windows, haven’t decided curtain-wise yet.

      • Claudette

        Plantation shutters are lovely. Must have been hard trying to visualise what the space was going to look like and then picking the bits to go with it. I guess they had virtual layouts you could look at. Nice that you have the exciting bits to look forward to then. 🙂

        • DitchTheBun

          We could look at a display home, but yes trying to visualise it was very difficult haha. Then a year later we are signing the final papers and I am going, “did we pick this colour, wow, okay I guess there was a reason for that” I honestly couldn’t remember why some of them had been picked LOL.

  • EmilyMaine

    Oh this is so exciting for you! Hope that pesky rain stays away and you have a quick pain free build. xx

    • DitchTheBun

      Thanks! It is very exciting! 🙂
      Well it was supposed to rain all last week when they did the slab on Monday and it didn’t rain until Thursday night and it was only a sprinkle so I am pretty happy with that. I think the time I was most worried about it raining was when they put the slab down. Hopefully the Spring rains keep off a little bit though 🙂

  • Am I Thirty?

    That’s awesome! It looks like it’s in a really nice area. Can’t wait to see when they have more done. Congratulations!

  • Amy M.

    Hooray!!! Cement is beyond exciting!!! It’s amazing to see how fast things go once they actually get started. So excited for you!

    • DitchTheBun

      I know, so exciting! Can’t wait to go down this weekend and see if more is done. How long did your cement take to cure?

      • Amy M.

        Umm… I don’t remember. Not too long, a day or two I think. I’d have to go back and look through pics lol

        • DitchTheBun

          That’s okay. I was just thinking of going down again this Friday to see if the frame work has started, but if it needs over a week to cure then there probably wasn’t any reason to go down 🙂
          I predict a lot of petrol use in the next 6 months of my future hahaha.

          • Amy M.

            So I went back and looked…they poured the footers on 3/19, they were dry on 3/22, and they started the walls on 3/23. Ours though, they did all the basement walls first before they did the floor. Yours is going up differently, so I’m not sure how that will work. But I would think you’d see SOMETHING more by Friday!!
            The sales agent also sent us weekly updates, along with pictures. You should see if they can do that for you!

          • DitchTheBun

            Thanks for doing that, you didn’t have to. Oooh there should be a lot going on then if I go down tomorrow because it will be a week and 4 days by then 🙂
            That’s awesome that the sales agent sent you photos, we totally should ask about that 🙂 What a great extra service.

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