House update # 3

So a LOT has been happening house-wise. Before Christmas we were told there would be a 40 day delay.

So naturally I was pretty pissed. We have already been waiting over two years (from when the land was first purchased) and I think I have been patient enough. I decided we had been nice long enough and I started to make some noise. My first step was a scathing email in response to their 40 day delay letter with their “evidence” and I went through how this evidence was anecdotal and therefore completely unnaceptable as a reason for delay. They didn’t respond so I started calling. On the first call I asked why my email had been ignored, said I wasn’t impressed that my concerns didn’t seem important to them, then I said that from now on all calls, emails etc. were to go through me (not my Husband) because obviously I needed to keep a closer eye on the builder as their communication skills to date have been abominable. All of a sudden we are being told there will be no delay and our house will be delivered before time.

Haha. It’s amazing what happens when someone who is normally lovely to their builder all of a sudden becomes politely assertive LOL.

So it looks like we will be getting our keys possibly as early as next week which is just a little bit ahead of schedule 🙂 This works out well because we have to then get our floors done. Another last minute nasty surprise we found out we would have to pay for.

Here are some photos of the build:


getting close to lock up stage

Getting close to lock up stage!



Lock up time. LOVE our garage door!

We kind of snuck in the fence to do these photos 🙂

If you missed out on the earlier house update posts and want to catch up please check out Post 1 and Post 2.




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8 responses to “House update # 3

  • My Perfect Breakdown

    I’m so glad you cracked the whip!! It looks amazing!

  • EmilyMaine

    Woooooo! Nice work on getting those bossy pants on and giving them what for! Sometimes it just needs to be done! The house looks great. YAY!

    • DitchTheBun

      Thanks. I know. I was so glad I stood up for us. We were getting to the point where we were feeling just down about the whole thing and pretty much trying to ignore the process because it was so frustrating. Giving them a kick in the pants felt good.

  • Amy M.

    Hooray for getting done early!!! We’ve built twice now, and found that you really need to stay on top of them about things. Why aren’t they putting in floors for you? Isn’t that a basic part of building a house? I hope you get it all settled and taken care of so you can move soon!! Yay!!

    • DitchTheBun

      We were told by the guy we initially dealt with that the floors had been included and we were sent to pick them so we naturally assumed it was all organised. The guy we dealt with initially passed away suddenly and apparently everything fell apart after that. We managed to circumvent some other stuff we found that hadn’t been done properly on the plans that we had changed with our consultant, but missed realising that they were not including the flooring. Sigh – live and learn right? On the upside we are getting MUCH nicer floors than what they offered us!

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