Spam broke my brain

Ahh spam… we all get it. Usually it is offers for a bigger penis or a longer lasting erection, both of which I obviously need because currently I have no penis so obviously more of one would be a good idea? The lack of penis obviously means I have never had an erection so I guess a longer lasting one would be a good thing?

I digress…

I received some spam on my blog yesterday in the form of some comments, usually they are pretty boring, things like, “Hey your post is awesome, for a bigger audience go to xxx” or for some reason I also seem to get a bunch where they have posted excerpts from books or something. The couple I found yesterday broke my brain. Seriously you guys, trying to read this had me going cross eyed hahaha.

Here it is: “Outset of whole I would same to articulate rattling blog! I had a prompt head inn which I’d care too inquire if you do non judgment. I was curious to have intercourse how you shopping centre yourself and straighten ouut your heed before writing. I accept had trouble clarification my thoughts in acquiring my thoughts stunned on that point. I in truth do takings joy in penning withal itt only seems corresponding the for the first time 10 to 15 minutes are skeletal  merelly fair nerve-racking to build knocked out how to set about. Any suggestions or hints? Thanks!”

Any suggestions or hints? Yup… DICTIONARY!!! Get one! PC “I was curious to have intercourse how you shopping centre yourself” – Uhh what?

I am not sure what is involved with shopping centre-ing oneself, but it sounds like it could be painful to either my person or my wallet. Neither of which is interested in pain right now.

The other one I received read as follows: “Its same you pick up my listen! You appear to empathize a caboodle almost this, so much as you wrote the guide on in it or something. I palpate that you just coulkd do with some percent to cause thhe subject matter household a bit, but former than that, ths is magnificent blog. A capital learn. I leave by all odds be endorse.”

What the hell is a ‘caboodle’? I Googled it (because that’s what I do) and it was decidedly unhelpful. Sigh, there is simply no Rosetta stone for deciphering my spam.

So apparently something is being endorsed, I am hoping it is me, but as I sign off from my post I remain completely confused by what I have read. Can you make any sense of it?


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