Fertility Meditation

When I was in High School studying for my Higher School Certificate I was stressed and distracted because whilst I was studying my Nan was also suffering from bowel and liver cancer and we had been told she would not come through it. Suffice to say it was a horrible time in my life. I found a lot of balance and perspective through meditation, it helped centre me and make me focussed whilst allowing me to emotionally deal as well. I get that it doesn’t work for everyone, but it absolutely worked for me.

Recently with the new job, attempted house building and fertility issues I am oh so stressed, which is horrible because though I don’t mean to, I know it affects those around me. I find it easy to focus and do my job at work, but at home etc. I am kind of scattered. I also have had problems sleeping, I started listening to sleep enhancing meditation music and have found that concentrating on the music makes it much easier to shut my brain up and get to sleep.

So I started wondering whether the positive outcomes I got from meditation in my HSC and shutting up my brain at night could also help with day to day stress of my current life and maybe even help with my waning positivity in regards to fertility.

When I first started looking I was trying to combine one that I could listen to as I was sleeping that would also help me with fertility. I found one, but a lot of it was tones and a sound like leaky taps that just madeΒ me need to pee… not exactly the result I was looking for hahaha.

So I began looking around this morning and found some that sounded interesting. There was one that only went for like 5 minutes and it was a guided meditation. I was dubious, but decided I certainly could spend 5 minutes on trying to reduce my stress levels πŸ™‚

I am writing this post just after having finished this meditation and I feel pretty damn good, kinda weird and floaty, but relaxed and not at all anxious which is great. I think part of me having such a good result was that I figured if I was going to do this I had to have a completely open mind about it and I did. I did everything the woman said. I think being able to find my centre and get in the zone was easier for me having done pilates before, but even so I think anyone could do this.

A lot of the ladies that are in our little online infertility circle here I imagine often feel as stressed out as I do so I wanted to put it on here and suggest that you guys take just 5 minutes and really give this a go. I hope it makes you feel as relaxed as I do because seriously right now I feel like I could languish in a bubble bath with a book until the water went cold… this is not something I have done in years!

Here’s the video:


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16 responses to “Fertility Meditation

  • EmilyMaine

    I did that one the other day too! It is very nice. I’ve also been doing fertility hypnosis when I go to bed and I have found those really helpful at relaxing me too. I used to be one of those people who said that meditation didn’t work for me…I think that was a real indication that I needed to try harder. If someone’s mind is racing so much they can’t meditate then that is a pretty good example of them actually needing it! I think I was also misguided about what meditation meant. I thought I had to have a completely blank mind for the entire time but it’s not like that at all. It is natural for thoughts to come and go through your mind when meditating, the trick is not getting hooked on them (in my experience anyway). Anyway, thanks for sharing. I hope it gives you the relaxation you need.

  • yearningformotherhood

    Im so envious of you being able to do this – you know I can’t even sit still to watch a telly programme without fidgeting every few minutes!
    I’m glad you’ve found something that can give you some chill out time. A chilled out body is definitely a happier home for a sprog πŸ™‚ x

    • DitchTheBun

      Absolutely. I am a fidgeter as well. That’s why I looked for a short one πŸ™‚
      It’s helped me with relaxing a bit so let’s just see what else it does for me πŸ™‚

      • yearningformotherhood

        How do you meditate and NOT fall asleep though? That is the thing I struggle with the most. As soon as I close my eyes, I’m zzz-ing away!

        • DitchTheBun

          That was a risk in the beginning, but I am someone that found it difficult to calm down to sleep sometimes. So I have actually found it helpful as a bedtime routine to calm my body and mind. I do it sitting up in bed then lie down when I am finished. I have to admit sometimes amongst the “focussed breathing” there are a few yawn LOL.

  • krazykimmay

    I’ve never tried meditation before but I have heard great things! At this point, I think I’m willing to try most anything. Thanks for sharing!

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